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Art History Outline

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Cesar Heyaime
ART 202
Prof. Kristy Caratzola

Our curiosity and our constant communication need a release, and in many cases this release takes its form through the different mediums of art. Art allows us to demonstrate whatever it is we please, and to express what our heart desires. Renaissance artists who shared this feeling created these following Masterpieces. Raphael – The agony in the Garden (Oil on wood)
Raphael – Madonna and child enthroned with saints. (Oil and Gold on wood)
Pietro Buonaccorsi – The holy family with the infant Saint John the baptist (Oil on wood)
Bronzino – Portrait of a young man. (Oil on wood)
Bachiacca – Madonna and Child (Oil and gold on wood)

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It hung in a part of the church reserved for the nuns who have insisted on some of its conservative features, such as the elaborately clothed Christ Child.

The Color palette Raphael used in this Altarpiece is mainly created with high contrast combination of colors such as green on red and black and yellow. There is a clear relationship between the subjects in the painting. The angels in the top are facing each other and so is Madonna with one of the Childs. This piece is equally balanced in elements as in colors. The black on red combination of Madonna’s vestments placed in the center of the piece act as a focal point for the whole creation.

-Pietro Buonaccorsi – The holy family with the infant Saint John the Baptist (Oil on wood)
This early work dates from the mid 1520s. The young Christ holds the traditional symbols of a goldfinch and a cherry. The young Saint John is crowned with grape leaves and wears a leopard skin, usually associated with the ancient god Bacchus. This associating of pagan and Christian iconography reflects ideas of reconcile classical wisdom with Christianity.

As it is characteristic of the renaissance the use of complementary colors we can see that Madonna is portrait with a green and red attire making her the focal point by color or emphasis. The subjects in this piece are well related and it can be seen that there is calmness. Saint John is facing the young Christ and Joseph is pointing to Madonna as a way to make the people discover the whole structure of the painting.

-Bronzino – Portrait of a young man. (Oil on wood), Renaissance
This piece was painted in the 1530s. The sitter is not known, but it is presumed that he belonged to Bronzino’s (Painter) close circle of literary friends in Florence, a number if whom sat for the artist. His paintings intimate complex symbolism while being spectacularly enjoyable.

This painting is a portrait of an unknown young man posing with an open book in his hands. The colors used in this piece are earth colors and warm colors other than the deep blue of his waist scarf. There is asymmetrical balance in this piece because of the red desk in the left part is being balanced by the yellow door in the right. There really is no bulls-eye focal point here that could draw the attention other that the young man’s eye.

-Bacchiacca – Madonna and Child (Oil and gold on wood)
This painting shows the Madonna and Child among a selection of carefully depicted flowers- Jasmine, Cornflower, Rose and sweetbriar - all of which were symbols of the Virgin or Christ in the Renaissance.

This piece by bacchiacca is...

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