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Art History Essay

1029 words - 5 pages

Sae Kim
Survey of Western Art II
ARTH 201-001

Formal Analysis Quiz

Artists use a variety of ways to create works that would express a certain emotion, perspective or even an object. It is important for the viewers to observe every aspect of the work to understand the simplest message an artist is trying to convey. And in order to grasp what the artist is trying to show, a formal analysis will be carried out that examines the superficial parts of the artwork. Although the two paintings presented in the formal analysis assignment differ in impression, if important components of the artwork are recognized, it will enable us to better understand each artwork and what the artist is trying ...view middle of the document...

Such as the outlines of the fish in the center of the painting, which differs from the texture given to these fishes by using thinner lines. The composition of the artwork is very unique. The focal point of the painting seems to be at the center where more descriptive representation of the fish is presented. The basic forms of the painting are shapes of different colors outlined by different intensities of black and arranged in a abstract manner. The medium is a painting, and judging by the opaque colors, it seems to have used acrylic paint. Lastly, the spaces used in this painting has a flat, 2-dimensional, yet at some parts of the painting, a 3-dimensional look is also presented.
All six of these formal elements work together to give a final piece. The usage of acrylic paint, allows bold colors to work together to bring the focal point in to focus. The different sizes and lengths of black lines show texture, differentiate shapes and even bring 3-dimensional aspects to the artwork.
The third artwork (#3) in the formal analysis assignment has a very interesting first impression. Through the usage of pastel colors and distorted shapes, the artist created an abstract look of what looks like a person. I believe the same formal elements used in the second artwork is important in this artwork, with addition to perspective.
First, the most important element is perspective. The artist uses diminution to create some sort of depth to the painting. The large foot centered on the bottom of the painting is noticeably larger than the head, which makes the person in the painting look as if he is sitting at an angle with respect to the focal point, which is the foot. The second important element is the style. It has an abstract and expressionistic look. The distorted figure presented through more than half of the painting is the biggest reason why it makes the painting look expressionistic. And the exaggerated size of the nose...

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