Art As An Expression And Communication

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Art as an Expression and Communication

We express our emotional state by some visible signs and activities.

The word "CREATION" refers to the act of combining or re-ordering already existing materials so that a new object is formed.
Art is a planned activity. Sometimes the art object maybe the result of a cooperative activity, by a team of artist motivated by a common goal, as in the production of a play or movie.

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A work of art is man-made, and although it may closely resembled nature, it can never duplicate nature.

A thing of beauty is one which gives us pleasure when we perceive it. The delight that we experience is called " AESTHETIC PLEASURE", "AESTHETIC" came from the greek word which means " to perceive with the senses ".
The subject of art refers to any person, object, scene or event describe or represented in a work of art.

EXAMPLES: Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts, Literature and Theater Arts.

3 Ways Of Repsenting Subject:
* REALISM- when things are depicted in the way they would normally appear in nature.
* ABSTRACTION- the process of simplifying and/or reorganizing objects and elements.
* DISTORTION- when the figures have been saw arranged that proportions differ noticeably from natural measurements.
* SURREALISM- realism + distortion.


* Landscape, Seascape and Cityscape
* Still lifes
* Animals
* Portraits
* Figure
* Everyday life
* History and Legend
* Religion and Mythology
* Dreams and Fantasy...

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