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Art Appreciation Unit 1 Ip Essay

765 words - 4 pages


Unit 1 Individual Project

Nathan Bates

AIU Online


This paper will define the word “art” from two different internet sources complete with proper quotations and citations. Secondly, it will explore 8 examples of art created by well-known artists or found in a museum. Contained within will be explanations and descriptions of each and why they were used.

Art Appreciation – Unit I

Definition of Art #1

Art: noun
“the making or doing of something whose purpose is to bring pleasure to people through their enjoyment of what is beautiful and interesting, or things often made for ...view middle of the document...

No. 5 (Jackson Pollock, 1948)
Splashes of paint on a canvas show lots of color and have texture. Jackson Pollack was one of more popular artist in the 20th century.

Venus de Milo (circa 100 B.C.)
Ancient sculpture that has withstood the test of time (almost). The timelessness of the piece make it amazing.

Monticello (1784)
Thomas Jefferson’s home. Unique in design and ahead of it’s time.

Flag Raising on Mount Suribachi (1945)
Taken in World War II. Envokes emotions of triumph and patrionage.

'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse' from 'The Apocalypse: Revelation of Saint John the Divine' (1497)
Famous work of 15th century printmaking. Very antiquated and intricate.

Conceptual Art
Wall-Mounted Fiat Car as Ready-Made Conceptual Art (2011)
Ingenious, interesting and attracts attention. Reminds me of something a car lot would do.

Installation Art
Dan Steinhilber retrospective: Escaping definitions (2010)
Abstract balloon art. Very modernistic and imaginative.

Performance Art
Blue Man Group (2013)
Original performances using all sorts of random objects. Very unique and fascinating.


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