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Arnold Palmer Hospital Case Study

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In a society service plays an important role in a centre of economicactivities. As a matter of

Fact, for an economyto function the service organization needs to provide the infrastructure

In the form of transportation,education, and health care (Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons, 2000).

To improve the market presence,utilization and care condition several strategic decision

such as additional service plans of outpatient health and partnering with physicians had been

implemented. (Edlin, 2001). At the same time, the management of health care industry had

started to realize that it is a vital to develop a congruent operations strategy instead of just

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Nachiappan et al. (2005),



1.0 Introduction
2.0 Evaluation of APM approach in managing service quality
2.1 Evaluation of APM approach in managing process
2.2 Evaluation of APM approach in managing supply chain
3.0 Development of new approach to improve service quality
3.1 Development of new approach to improve the process
3.2 Development of new approach to improve the supply chain
4.0 Transformation of service quality improvement
4.1 Transformation for process improvement
4.2 Transformation for supply chain improvement
5.0 Conclusion
6.0 References
7.0 Appemdixes


Arnold Palmer Hospital (APH), an affiliate of Orlando Health, based in Central Florida U.S.A. has had 22 years of history and experience as a leading women’s and children’s hospital in the nation. The most advanced technology, along with compassion and dedication of the staff have made Arnold Palmer Hospital one of the most trusted names in children’s healthcare worldwide.
Patients of Arnold Palmer Hospital are not only limited to U.S. citizens, but include nationalities from around the world. With the region’s only Level 1 Trauma Centre for Children, Central Florida’s only Air Care Team, and Mobile NICU, its recognition in several achievements and awards continue to motivate all its stakeholders towards achieving 100% patient satisfaction.
Today, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Women became one of the few hospitals in Central Florida United States where all the obstetrics and children’s maintained services and courtesy are combined growth and gain the chances for survival rates of high-risk new born in the United States as well as reinforce to improve raise of the higher degree of quality and value of care for both mother and babies..

2.0 Evaluation of Arnold Palmer Hospital’s Approach in Managing Service Quality
Patient satisfaction affects the competitiveness of a hospital among the healthcare organizations. It was created when responding to patients feedbacks and needs, treatment to patient by doctors and a continuous improvement of the service .(Zineldin, 2006).
As a part of efforts to understand more on customers needs and expectation,,APH encourage their patients to give feedback about their services by giving a gift valued $200 if they are not satisfied or complain on the performance and profession of the hospital, such as the food, services, responsiveness and the cleanliness.
Beside obtaining customer’s survey thru mail sending out to patients after one week of discharge,APH alsouse a variety of internal measures. These measures usually started at the grassroots level, where enabled the staff to see a problem and developed an effective ways to track performance. Patients have a right to comprehensive,...

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