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Army Report

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Organizational Behavior and Communication
Com 530
January 13, 2012

Organizational Behavior and Communication
The United States Army focused on personnel, training, technology, and leadership or this entire combine for the success of the Army in both peace and war.
One of the important variables is culture; military culture of army personality, values, or way of thinking. Culture within the Army is widely diverse with the varieties of gender, religious background, races, or whether they are or will be active or reserve duty. As new people enter the Army, then they have to deal with external adaption and integrate them into the Army’s way of life and beliefs. New members are then ...view middle of the document...

Artifact is first which soldiers physical appearances is behavior and verbal visible by everyone. The second is Norms and values which is unwritten rules that the soldiers know what is expected required of them in any varieties of situations. The third is underlying assumptions, which respect the rules and conforms to the norms without questioning and support it.
Roles of Communications
Army vision is stress to our soldiers is fighting for our freedom and keeping the peace in our country and abroad. Defend our democracy, protect our citizenship, and opportunities to serve and personally develop our skills.
Mission of the Army is supporting the policies of our nation; carry out our national objectives, with any threat from other countries that might threaten our nation peace and security. Preserve security and peace and issue defense to our other territories and to the United States of America.
The Army communicates to our enlisted fellow soldiers what is expected of them and what they are to do. They are stressing their job. They are put through rigorous training how to do their job. They are informed and showed what they can or cannot do when they go to war. They have their own language, which only military people know what they are talking about. When they are on the base where they are station they work and play together. They are their own communities. Every soldier knows his or her job, and required to perform them, if he or she does not do his or her part, it can results in a communication disaster.
Misalign or Aligned Between Values
A military culture is not good or bad, wrong or right: or rather misaligned or aligned with the Army organization. Today’s environment experience varieties of threats from the opponents of small, lower technology to larger modern asymmetric adaptive methods to conduct conventional combats. The Army expects the flexibility and adapts to operate larger potential opponents. So they need to change with the time and demands of external environments. Communications is stress to the soldiers how to use new weapons and to each other within so they can carry out their duties. If communication is not the same, then there is confusion as to what they mean. In basic training, they are taught uniformed words and meanings so that they speak the same regardless as to where they are from and whom they are. If word terms not the same can be decipher differently, and create confusion. So new soldiers are taught a uniform common language that only they...

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