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"Army Rangers Taliban Terminators". This Essay Is About The History Of The Army Rangers Trainning,History And Recent Missions

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The Army Rangers Taliban TerminatorsExploding hand grenades and being fired at by the enemy is all apart of war. In war there is always a Army, Navy, and a Air force. These all would be key for a victory, back in the 1800s. But its the 21st century and military tactics have changed. Armies no longer fight in rows marching toward the enemy. Today guerrilla tactics are used to weaken whole platoons. To defend America against these guerrilla tactics, the U.S. Army Rangers have been formed. They are highly skilled. They are able to go by air, sea, or land. The Army Rangers are the best trained soldiers in the world. Even though being and Army Ranger may be risky, its greatest reward is defending ...view middle of the document...

S. Army had in WWII. The Rangers were before the seals and the Green Beret. After World War II the Rangers disbanded from the Army (WWII). The U.S. had no need for the Rangers after the war but they would need them once more. In about five years after WWII the Rangers would prove themselves worthy again.During 1950 a war broke out in Korea against the Northern Korean Communist, America called the Ranger again. In the early stages of the war Ranger companies were attached to every mission ("Korea"). Six Ranger companies were sent to Korea ("Korea"). Since the Rangers were attached to every mission they suffered heavy losses. Gut for every one Ranger equaled five Korean Communist. They would become the first all-black Ranger Company ("Korea"). This would be the first time that blacks would be allowed to be in a special force unit for the first time. The all -black Ranger unit proved themselves in many major battles. They stopped enemy movements by ambushing the convoys; they sabotaged targets deep behind enemy lines ("Korea"). They stopped many Northern Koreans from advancing to cities and towns. The Rangers played a very important part in major battles. The reason for the Rangers success is because of months of intense training.The first phase of the training is located in Fort Benning in Georgia. The Benning Phase of the Ranger training is designed to assess and then develop military skills ("Phase 1"). The first part of the training is to challenge Rangers physically and mentally. Many soldiers can not take the first phase pftraining so many do not make it. This phase consists of an APFT and Combat Water Survival Test (CWST), 5 mile run, 3-mile run with an obstacle course, a 12-mile foot march, night and day land navigation tests, medical considerations class and 10-event Ranger Stakes ("Phase 1"). When soldiers take the CWST they must also carry there M-16. The twelve mile march is to see if the soldiers can withstand the missions that the Rangers take. The Ranger student must then demonstrate his expertise through a series of cadre and student led tactical operations ("Phase 1"). These operations allows each soldier to lead his own company in different missions. This allows a soldiers to become a good leader. When a soldier passes Phase 1 he soon moves to Phase 2.The second and third Phases is to teach soldiers how to handle missions in mountainous and jungle terrain. During the mountain phase, students receive instruction on mountaineering tasks as well as techniques for employing a platoon for continuous combat operation in mountainous environment ( "Phase 2"). In the mountaineering instruction a soldier must also learn to tie ropes for him and his comrades. The mountain training is very useful for getting behind enemy lines without being detected. The rugged terrain,...

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