Army Food Managers Essay

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RHM 303

Army Food Service Managers

The Army Food Service Program is responsible for serving over a million meals per day in military dining facilities and on the frontlines of the battlefield. As an important member of this team, the Food Service Manager oversees the operation to ensure that every soldier has a hearty nutritional meal. Also the Manager has the training and knowledge to supervise and make timely decisions. Like their civilian counterparts, the military food service manager has numerous duties and responsibilities.
Ever since the U.S. Army drew its first “line in the sand” in the days of the American Revolution, commanders have been ...view middle of the document...

Our Food Service Program has come a long way since those times in availability of products and administration systems. In the old Army, a large number of products were generic and the administration duties were performed manually. Over the past ten years or so the Army has come to the forefront with the brand name products that are purchased in your local grocery store. The facilities bring diners to their doors with variety, menu choices, service, and food served by a customer-oriented staff. Managers are trained to have the comprehensive knowledge of managing the facility on a daily basis. They have numerous daily duties ranging from menu planning; purchasing, quality assurance and control, ensuring the nutritional guidelines are met for each product served to customers. Also they must possess the knowledge of safety and security, set work schedules, accountability, training staff, and customer and personal service. In most military facilities the manager has one or more assistants depending on the size of the facility, the staff can range from 10 to 200 personnel. One of the most important tasks of food service managers is selecting successful menu items, estimate how much food and beverage will be used, place orders with suppliers, and check deliveries of fresh food and baked goods for quantity and quality. Managers also meet with sales representatives from restaurant supplier to place orders replenishing stocks of tableware, linens, paper products, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and furniture and fixtures. They also arrange for equipment maintenance and repairs, and coordinate a variety of services such as waste removal and pest control. In addition to these duties, the manager must keep accurate records of the dining facility account to ensure that they stay within the military tolerance of plus or minus three percent per month and at zero or under spent at the end of fiscal year. They’re responsible for total receipts and balance against sales, deposit of funds, and monitor current inventory. Managers monitor the actions of their staff to ensure that safety standards are being practiced daily. They’re overall responsible for training of all personnel to include civilians. These managers attend an 11week-training course, which covers areas in food service operations, nutritional meal planning, administration, leadership skills, presentation, speech, writing evaluation, Serve-Safe program, contracting, and Army Field Feeding, and the Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS). Dieticians, public health and safety personnel, fire marshals, contractors, and security officers are training the managers to become more proficient in their daily operations. In order for military managers to stay abreast with the civilian counterparts, they take civilian educational classes in Hospitality and Restaurant industry thru various colleges and universities either on post in a classroom setting or thru distant learning. Personnel...

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