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Army Crew Hbs Case Essay

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First of all I would like to say that this case is great. It is inspiring especially in the frame
of the MBA. I truly enjoyed reading it and it helped me understand how to work as a group
for the rest of the upcoming year. I find it to be a perfect parallelism between the description
of the most demanding sport and the exhaustion of fulfilling successfully an MBA program.
Although the elements of success in both rowing and completing an MBA are the exact same,
the crucial ingredient to a successful “season” is the team work. For example both in rowing
and the MBA you need exceptional individual skills and endurance, but without confidence and
team work coordination your chances are ...view middle of the document...

Team building is crucial for the Varsity team at this
point. They should learn team spirit from the JV team, although I must say there is an
important psychological factor of each member that is not available to us in the case.

2- What should Coach P. have done differently earlier in the season to resolve this
problem? At exactly what point should he have intervened differently?

I believe the coach should have worked earlier on team building and the general
attitude of this team in its endeavors. The time to intervene this team was after the first
defeat they suffered against the JV. The defeat was crucial in the general confidence and
self- esteem of the team, this should have been worked on initially.

3- At the end of the case, what action should Coach P. take on Tuesday? Why do you
recommend this action? How should he implement this action? Please be specific.

At this point I believe Coach P should switch the teams, he is too close to the

competition to try to work on the team building. On the other hand, I do believe
this team can be successful it just needs to work hard on its spirit and general team

I am aware that by switching the two teams, it might kill the Varsity team moral
forever. The coach should express his confidence and trust in the Varsity team but
explain his motives and support the Varsity telling them that they will work the whole
upcoming year in making this team a successful one. He should base his explanation
on the results...

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