Army Crew Case Essay

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Durgesh Bhargava
Durgesh Bhargava
The army crew team
MGMT 5894 – Spring 2015
The army crew team
MGMT 5894 – Spring 2015

Executive Summary
Coach P., the coach of the Army Crew team for the United States Military Academy at West Point, coaches two rowing teams, Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV). The superior eight rowers are a part of Varsity team, whereas eight rowers with slightly less capabilities w.r.t. individual power and strength form the JV team. Though Coach P. believes that Varsity team should easily outplay JV, they are constantly being overshadowed and outplayed by JV team. It’s a game of synchronization between team members ...view middle of the document...

In other words, such teams possess high levels of group emotional intelligence1. Implementing following practices boosts the emotional intelligence of the team:

* Make time for team members to appreciate each other’s skill
* Surface and manage emotional issues that can help or hinder the team’s progress
* Celebrate success

It was too late for Coach P. to adopt the “Listening and Understanding” method. It might have shown fruitful results if implemented earlier as letting a person speak up and gush out the feelings helps in solving the problem at hand. It could have relieved the tension among the team members and helped them be a better team at the National championship race.

Rather than insisting too much on selecting the best eight, Coach P. could have created a pool of best sixteen. This could have helped in building a better team and there would have been more cohesion among the team members who were separated by creating two teams Varsity and JV. The message from such distinction could be quite devastating for both the teams and could greatly impact their confidence. When playing such a game in which team coordination is of utmost importance, you wouldn’t like to demotivate players by calling them a part of the junior team. Cultivating an environment where all players are treated equally would help Coach P.’s cause the most. Random selection of players from the pool and measuring their strengths would serve as the best option to keep all the players motivated and keen to work as a team.

JV team always produced results as a team. They knew they didn’t have anything to lose after not being in the Varsity team. They never blamed anyone in the team, always focused on how to achieve win in the best way they can, looked forward to work as a team and had a positive view about each other. They always worked as a team and gave equal importance to each member of the team whether experienced or not. They decided to succeed and fail together as a team and that’s what always guided them to a victory. They always demonstrated that “whole” is greater than the sum of its “parts”2.

On the contrary, Varsity team never had the team focus and were always...

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