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Armenian Genocide Essay

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Armenian Genocides
Prashanth P. Samuel
Professor Hicks
History 116

The Ottoman Empire was a very powerful and influential force in the world during the early 19th century. As the empire was predominantly of Turkish decent, other minority groups started growing within the empire. Eventually it came to a period where the Ottoman Empire felt these minority groups such as the Armenians, Greeks, as well as the Assyrians were becoming to strong and felt they were threating the empire therefore they were persecuted and the mass killings of the Armenian people being. The purpose of this paper is to dive into the times of the Armenian genocides before during and after the April 24th 1915 ...view middle of the document...

This clearly shows that the outside world is seeing what the Turkish government is trying to cover up and not take the blame because of the reprimands that may follow. This is a clear example of how the Germans after WW1 felt when they were issued all those plenty’s for the causes of WW1 and in return we saw what happened with one of the largest genocides to take place in history with the Holocaust. The argument the Turkish government is claiming is that they were not part of the Ottoman Empire and that they were their own government, but research and history clearly shows and states that not only were the Turks tied to the former regime but they continued to persecute and carry out what the former empire did. The argument that the international courts are bringing up is that the Turkish government even thou a new regime from its predecessors the Ottoman Empire made no attempts to even compensate for apologize for the actions that were taken upon the Armenian people, thus deeming them as the same practices which the Ottoman Empire carried out. The bases of the international law is stating that even thou the new Turkish government came into power they continued to do the following things “(1) the position taken by the predecessor state; (2) the position taken by the successor state and its actual behavior in addressing the internationally wrongful acts; (3) the identification of the entity guilty of the internationally wrongful acts; (4) the consequences, such as unjust enrichment and justice; (5) the nature, origin, and character of the obligation breached” (Avedian). This clearly shows and states that the beliefs of the new government were the exact same as the previous Ottoman Empire.
The next article dives a bit deeper into explaining the Armenian genocides and what really happened. During the rule of the Ottoman Empire whose main religion was Islam, treated the Armenian population as second class citizens and limited there rights to worship. They went through harsh treatments even prior to the genocides and were discriminated by both the Turks and there Kurd neighbors who not only limited there rights to worship but also economically burdened them through over taxation. As we take a look at history and just look at the various rebellions which took place, the Armenian rebellion in my opinion is granted for the harsh treatment that they went through. Yes, the Armenian people rebelled against the Ottoman Empire just like various groups in times of history have revolted for their various causes can take examples from the Russian revolution to the French revolution where the people of these respective countries have been treated under dictatorship style government and eventually they rose up and fought for what is right. In the other causes there were no mass genocides which took place, whereas in the Armenian genocide 1.5 million innocent life’s were taken weather or not they were in the rebellion fight or not. Edward Erickson a military...

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