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Arjuna Essay

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The significance of self-sacrifice is to the whole is great then the part. That an individual should sacrifice for the group. When the monkey is asked about why he made himself a bridge he responds by saying “ And as I hung extended there held fast by shoot and bough my monkeys passed across my back and are in safety now. Therefore I fear no pain of death, bonds do not give me pain, the happiness of those was won o’er whom I used to reign.”(1009) he gave his body so the group would be safe.
The place of animals among the divine and human order is the serve and ...view middle of the document...

”(1007) Show that he as an animal is there to sacrifice for others.
The conflict in Gita is Arjuna is he sees kin on the other said and does not wish to fight them. ‘They are teachers, fathers, sons, and grandfathers, uncles, grandsons, fathers and brothers of wives, and other men of our family. I do not want to kill them even if I am killed, Krishna; not for kingship of all three worlds much less for the earth.”(1015) show how much he has an issue with killing the men of his enemy. These behavioral codes differ from that of Oedipus the King who thought only of himself and not of the suffering of others. It is not till the end of Oedipus that he starts to have some selfless thoughts. Whereas Arjuna is selfless from the beginning.
How they set the mood on The Tamil Anthologies is with the descriptive words. Like in this verse “And then, she sheds the petals of night’s several flowers, and does her hair again with new perfumes and oils, to be one with her family at dawn with a stranger’s different face.”(1035) The line “She sheds the petals of night’s several flowers.” This line describes the length of the night by using the word several and talking about shedding petals from a flower shows the passion and love of the night.

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