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Arguments For And Against The Death Penalty

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Arguments FOR and AGAINST the death penalty

The death penalty has been used since ancient times in almost every culture.
Today it will still executed in some states like the USA, China, or in Islam Countries.
I would like to talk about the Arguments for and against the death penalty.

There are many justifications going around for capital punishment.
Deterrence is the most common used argument for the death penalty. Many states believe that it is necessary to kill a prisoner to disadvise other people from committing the same kind of crime. Some people who commit violence are highly unstable or mentally ill.
Murders are most committed in moments of passion, when extreme emotions overcomes himself or under the influence of drugs. In none of these cases can fear of the death penalty be expected to deter.

Sometimes maybe a murderer or a rapist has a bad ...view middle of the document...

So is it then punishment or deliverance for him?

The protection from repeat offenders is for many in today's society an argument for the death penalty. In order to prevent a repetition act after serving the detention, the criminal has to be killed. But I think it‘s nearly impossible to anticipate if a human being will repeat his murders or not, neither a psychologist or a judge can do this.
Furthermore for many people justice or retaliation is a sanction for capital punishment.
But are the victims or relatives feeling better when the offender is executed?
The murder can‘t be reduced or undone thereby.

A further argument of the proponents of the death penalty is the saving of costs. I think a human beings life can‘t be a question of money savings. But the value of a human being‘s life is not an argument in this case. Moreover the fact to kill a person isn‘t true. In the USA it costs about 2 Million Dollars to execute the death penalty. The government has to pay psychologist, extra guards, the isolation of the convict in high-security death row prisons, the machines... I really can‘t imagine that a prisoner who has a life long prison sentence costs that much.

The fact that it comes from time to time to misjudgements in law is also a reason to ban the capital punishment. However we will never know how many innocent people were executed in previous days.
Many people think that the death penalty causes the crime rate to be lower or that if the death penalty would be abolished, the rate will increase.
Perhaps the opposite may even be argued: the death penalty may in fact increase crime rates. For example in Georgia, where the rate increased by 20 % after executions were resumed. Moreover many criminals who got a death sentence haven‘t done the worst or most cruel crimes. In most cases they are poor people and can‘t afford a good lawyer.

In my opinion, the death penalty should be abolished because human beings do not have the right to choose about life or death. Secondly, the device can not be: An eye for an eye,
a tooth for a tooth.

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