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Arguments For And Against Capital Punishment

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Arguments For and Against the Death Penalty

At least 1,526 people were executed in 2002 in 31 countries, and aproximately 3,248 people were sentenced to die in 67 countries. Throughout the years many people have given different opinions about the capital punishment. Consequently, there have been many discussions regarding this subject, and given the extensive amount of arguments for and against the death penalty only some of them are going to be introduced in this essay.

Pro-death penalty people, as well as organizations, reckon that this punishment has many positive points that should be considered when it comes to legalizing the death penalty. First of all, according to the article ...view middle of the document...

At the same time, there are numerous opinions against the subject, which must also be taken into account. To start with, the article "Arguments for and against the Death Penalty" considers that "the death penalty is not a proven deterrent to future murders." The article remarks that generally, murders are committed in moments of passion and anger or by drug addicts and drunk people who act impulsively. For that reason, they do not think about the consequences of killing someone. Moreover, the same source claims that "in some countries in which the death penalty is applied there is a higher murder rate than in those where it is not applied." To continue, this source states that "an innocent person can be executed by applying the death penalty." A recent study by Columbia University Law School found that "two thirds of all capital trials contained serious errors, and when the cases were retried over 80% of the deffendants were not sentenced to die and 7% were completely absolved." In...

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