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Argumentative Essay How A Child Gains The Ability To Hold An Argument Based On Lifestyle

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A child develops the ability, or lack there of, on how to argue at an early stage in life, which is influenced by family members while a child is growing up. Depending on how argumentative a child's' parents were growing up can have a strong impact on how that child may argue as an adult. Some parents teach their children never to argue or talk back to an elder, or anyone else for that matter, because it is considered rude. These parents may also not like the idea of arguing, and therefore the child is not exposed to much debate, causing them to lack argumentative skills as an adult. On the other hand, some parents may argue over anything and everything, and the youth is influenced by his or her parents behaviour, and so it may seem that it comes naturally to them.A person learns at a young age how to argue and get their way, and ...view middle of the document...

For example, a youth and his mother are in a store picking out an item, the child wants one thing, but the mother will not allow it, causing the child to throw a fit and yell. Some mothers would give in a buy the item to make the kid happy, others would tell their child, "maybe next time," so they can stop the scene. If the child gets their way they are already prone to debating with others in order to get their way at a young age, and can help them in the future.If parents are generally soft spoken, and do not want to argue in front or around their kid, this can cause the child to lack the ability to be able to pose a strong argument and hold that conversation. Some parents also make it a rule to not argue at all in the house because they think of arguments turning into fighting and yelling; which to them, is not a healthy environment for a youth to grow up in. However, if the mother and father do fight a lot in a productive manner, then the adolescent is exposed to a more competitive style of argument, and can pick up on key tones and words in order to make their point strong and clear. But, of course, there differences between yelling and having an actual argument. If a chid is only around parents who are fighting, they wont pick up any actual argumentative qualities, only the ability to yell in order to be heard. If this is the situation, as an adult, this person may not be able to strongly appeal their case.If a child is exposed to too little or too many arguments from their parents, it will affect how they argue in the future. They may learn from their parents and take on a great persuasive ability, or they may be able to argue to a case, and then lose that main point of argument because their parents never finished a disagreement, or never held an argument in front of them. Since a child may either be able to hold a good, strong argument, or completely fail at the end of one, it all depends on how their influences as a child which gives them this aggressive ability.

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