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Argumentative Essay

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Judgment Occurs After Death

Death is regarded as the state in which the soul detaches itself from the body and the body is left lifeless. Life after death will always be a debatable issue that will ever remain unresolved where each generation will always come up with a new version of the story on what really happens after one dies. It is generally agreed that after human beings die, they are judged according to their deeds while they lived on earth. However, it is not agreed as to when and how people are judged where people split along lines of the time span between death and judgment. But then, it is possible to read and evaluate ...view middle of the document...

Reincarnation has it that even though people die and their physical bodies are left with us, the spiritual life of the individual continues after death. However, they believe that the spiritual life after death depends on the deeds and actions that one did whilst he/she was on earth. Therefore, reincarnation reveals that the spiritual life one lives after death depends on one`s action and that if one was evil the life would be uncomfortable as compared to the person who led an upright life. For that reason, we can easily deduce that there must be a process that ones soul must undergo to evaluate one`s deed whilst on earth. And this process will definitely be judgment that will determine whether the human being was good or evil. This then translates to supporting the claim that judgment occurs after one dies and that people still live another form of a life even after they die.

Modern psychology has tried to come up with tentative answers on afterlife of human beings. Duncan MacDougall conducted a research in 1901 that measured the loss of weight after a human being died. Duncan realized that there was “some” weight lost after a human being died. This was to show that soul contributed to some amount of body weight that was lost after a human being died. This meant that only soul departed from the human being soon after the human being died. Additionally, modern psychologists have tried to come up with various hypotheses explaining life after death. Psychologists like Freeman Dyson, John Hick, and Erwin Schrodinger believed in life after death. They strongly believed that there must be some form of continuity that followed after human beings died. They believed that if a person ceased to be living in one place, then there is a replica of the same person in the other place. The replica will possess all the character traits that the original had and will behave the same way he/she behaved. This means that after death, the replica must undergo a certain process that will determine the life the person lives after death. If the person lived a good life, then the replica will also live a good life. This means that there must have been a determining factor that determined how the life of the replica would be. Therefore, it is easy to notice that judgment occurs after death and that it is the judgment that determines how to afterlife of the replica would be.

Baha’is’ faith recognizes life after death. According to this religion, human nature is far from the nature of after life. The religion compares the life we are living with the life of a fetus in the womb of a woman. The fetus is oblivious of what is happening around and thus the life of a human being and the understanding of afterlife. The religion has it that all that the people are in pursuit of a goal that is seeing God. After death, people deeds are evaluated and the results determine whether the person will proceed in the journey of seeing God. According to Baha’is faith...

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