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Argumentation Paper

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Why I Pursued my MBA
February 8, 2010
Richard Bowman
In choosing to pursue my masters in business management (MBA) I never imagined the journey that was ahead of me. The choice to earn my MBA was strictly goal orientated. To stay on task and be focused, I had to set smaller and more attainable goals to help prepare for the end of my journey. When deciding to obtain my MBA it was understandable that there were going to be several obstacles in my way. I found it was easier to start the journey with smaller obtainable units that would reward and keep me focused on the end of the journey and the prize. The journey of obtaining my MBA has been enlightening, ...view middle of the document...

This is what I am made of. Having known these qualities and the confidence I have in myself before the personality test just helped to validate my self knowledge about my character.

Several times along the way I wanted to quit and many times could have. I could have said this wasn’t worth it, to hard, too expensive and complicates my life. All of these things are very true but there is also the other end of the equation. There was the personal growth, the accomplishment, and the drive to finish this goal to the end. I had to decide along this journey if the sacrifice was equal to the goal. Giving up on my goal for a better education was and never will be an option.

To be honest, there were times that I was tired, kids were sick, husband deployed, and I was bone tired and thinking back it would have been so easy to quit. I always had to think to myself that going the distance would reward me personally and reward my family. I was doing more than just educating myself. I was setting an example for my children,...

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