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Argument Paper

764 words - 4 pages

Madiha Zuberi
Eng 090
Mrs. Mckeever

Prayers Should Be Allowed In Public Schools

There are some people in United States, who are totally against the idea that prayer should be allowed in public schools, and some people totally agree with it. All people have different opinions toward prayer in public schools, but I think students should be allowed to pray in public schools. They should be allowed to engage in any kind of non-disrupting religious activities including the wearing of religious ...view middle of the document...

I don’t agree with the first part, that we (people) choose the right to pray and the right to pray anywhere and anytime, whether it’d be during school hours or not. You can’t just start praying during school hours whenever you want to, but you could have a specific time and you could have an official permission from the school authority regarding your prayer time.
I agree with the second part indicating that public schools’ prayers provide a “moral tapestry for students, teachers, and parents”, however the U.S. public schools are often the battleground between the principle of church-state separation and religious freedom. Conflicts are sometimes caused by the desire of a student to express his or her faith and school authorities who want uniformity and harmony among their student body. Other times, conflicts involve followers of the dominant religion, who wish to express their religion within the schools, in the form of prayers, religious signs, etc. The 1st Amendment has been really helpful in this matter.
The establishment clause of 1st Amendment of the U.S. constitution, as interpreted by the courts, requires that public school teachers, principals, and boards be religiously neutral. This means that schools, may not promote a particular religion, may not promote a particular sect, may not be aggressive to either...

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