Argument For Mba 521/2 Essay

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Week Two: Option II: MBA Argument
Joseph A. Worch
University of Phoenix
September 15th, 2012
Professor Roberto Guzman


Option II MBA Argument: Introduction
There many influences on why an individual would or would not want to pursue there MBA. For some the desires of career progression or personal pride and achievement serve as motivators. For others the time, money and effort required sways them to take the opposite course of action and not pursue the MBA. In short there are reasons for each position, to pursue or not to pursue the MBA ...view middle of the document...

” Further, when compared to just graduates with only a Bachelor’s degree, the MBA grad is found to substantially out earn them. “Employers in the United States expect to pay MBA graduates substantially more in 2012 than new hires with only a bachelor’s degree. This translates into annual earnings for new MBA’s that $40,000 higher, on average than the salaries bachelor’s degree holders can expect, according to the Corporate Recruiters Survey.”(Blackman, 2012)
Besides the opportunities for job placement, security, advancement and pay, there are also motivators of a more “human” and personal nature pushing persons to obtaining their MBA degree. For some money and career are not the motivating factors. For these individuals they are nice plusses butt not the true inspiration for pursuit. For these people it is more like personal pride in reaching an achievement they value or discovering a greater self confidence in themselves as with the attainment of the higher understanding and knowledge respective of their chosen career field.
Be it personal pride, sense of achievement, greater self confidence, career security, higher pay, or job advancement the attaining of the MBA degree fulfills that and every individual strives for that personal fulfillment.


Why Not to Pursue the MBA Degree?

For some individuals the MBA does not fulfill a life goal or a desire or need. For some it is simply viewed upon as another degree and why do I need two? In today’s quick paced and highly competitive world, time has a high market value. It is most like one of the most important assets we have and for some to invest asst in continuing education when they already have a degree just does not make sense. The time spent learning in school could be spent learning on-the-job in real life experiences. After all, experience is the best teacher, right? “Most MBA programs are two year commitments. If I were to enroll in a part-time MBA program to accommodate my work schedule, the degree would take me considerably longer to complete,” (Clark,2007). As you can see for some it is consider a bad time investment.

One the major factors in not pursuing a Masters degree is cost. When you consider that in pursuit of ones’ bachelor’s degree an investment of about $60,000 has been made to consider investing further becomes a worrisome position. According to a recent government study by the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, (2012), “Between 2000-01 and 2010-11, prices for undergraduate tuition, room and board at public institutions rose 42 percent, and prices at private not-for–profit institutions rose 31 percent after adjustment for inflation.” That equates to approximately $20,000 per year.

This is...

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