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Argument Essay

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There are many successful people that have left their mark in the world. These people started with having a goal, and a determination that the goal would come true. For example, Jack Canfield, author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul books, is a man that decided to change the direction of his thoughts. Canfield made a choice to have positive thoughts of success and to not focus on the negative thoughts. Canfield decided what he wanted to become in his life. He set his mind and thoughts on nothing else, but that goal. The greatest teachers that have ever lived have told people of the power of positive thinking: poets from William Shakespeare, Robert Browning, and William Blake to ...view middle of the document...

Whether the thought was that of a negative thought or that of a positive one, the focused attention to this subject brings it into being. A person focusing his or her thoughts on a positive level, consistently, will have positive results, in return.
Quantum Physics is based on the principle that matter and energy have the properties of both particles and waves. Understanding the basics of Quantum Physics will help explain how The Law of Attraction really works and how it is continuously working. “Quantum Physics states, there can not be a universe without a mind entering into it. The mind is actually shaping the idea or thought that is being perceived” (Wolf). The Law of Attraction is a natural law of the universe, consisting of energy. Just as the Law of Gravity exist, so does that of The Law of Attraction. An individual doesn’t have to believe the law because the law will still exist. A person doesn’t have to understand the law, just the need to believe and use the law. Just the same as it is with electricity, some people do not understand how it works, but they understand that when a stove is turned on, there will be heat to cook the food.
There are many discoveries of positive thinking benefiting a person’s health. Acknowledgements have been made in health care stating that positive thinking will help a patient feel better. The process of positive thinking may not be understood from the medical side, but the positive results are still seen in the patients. In an article written by, Allen C. Bowling, MD, PhD. titled ‘Placebos and Nocebos- Techniques to Optimize MS Management’, Bowling explains the discovery of nocebos. Nocebos are the opposite of the placebos. In the study it was found that when patients have the expectation that they will have a negative health effect, a negative effect actually occurs. In a well known nocebo experiment, people were asked to swallow a liquid and were told that the liquid would make them vomit. Even though the liquid was simply sugar and water, approximately 80% of the patients vomited. Bowling states, “Although this may not fully be understood, the important factors to this result would be the patient’s mindset and attitude towards the treatment” (45,47). The experiment shows that positive thinking would have made a difference in the results of the test. The test also states that because of a negative expectation, the patients had a negative result (46). Patients focusing on the possibility of the medicine making them vomit, led them to do just that, vomit!
There are many cynical people with statements of disbelief opposing positive thinking and The Law of Attraction; people questioning if this could really work. Many people may think that what a person thinks about doesn’t matter. The cynics would say it is what a person actually does; not what the person’s thoughts consist of, that get the results. However, The Law of Attraction does not have the ability to distinguish between positive thoughts and...

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