Argument Against Wearing School Uniforms Essay

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Argument Against Wearing School Uniforms
Theirs is an ongoing discussion in the nation about school uniforms, whether or not they help with behavior problems and scores (“An Argument Against School Uniforms”). Kade A., A sixth grade student, when asked about school uniforms she said, “no, I don’t like them because they are uncomfortable and makes her and maybe the people around feel like their wearing church clothes all the time” (“An Argument Against School Uniforms”). “Clothes are a sources of expression for children, an as kids get older they become increasingly resentful of uniforms. By instituting a uniform policy, schools are taking away kids individuality. Schools need to decide if ...view middle of the document...

People who are against uniforms are put on extra financial burden on parents. The parents have to buy school uniforms along with other fashion clothing. According to the people against school uniforms, school uniforms are money making tools of schools. Often, school uniform manufacturers pay sums to schools to seek monopoly on uniforms of specific schools. Children are constantly growing and manufacturers take advantage, and parents are left with no choice but to bear the costs of expensive school uniforms (“People Against School Uniforms”).
More importantly, even if we don't like the idea of school uniforms, people should have a choice regarding the matter. That's all part of freedom you must have the courage to let others be free to choose. Although, you have to sit still even when their choice (in favor of school uniforms) isn't what you would choose for yourself or your children, because that's taking away your right of choice (“School Uniforms Pros & Cons”). School Uniforms are an upfront expense for families who live off of hand-me-downs and used clothing. Programs to recycle used uniforms and funding to provide poor children with no cost or reduced cost uniforms would need to be in place (“Pros & Cons Of School Uniforms”).
School uniforms will restrict the outward expression of a child's unique individuality. School's primary function is to educate, but secondarily is a platform for socialization where clothing can play a role. We should not be teaching our children to blend (“Pros & Cons Of School Uniforms”). In the rare event of an emergency (such as a natural disaster) identification of students by their parents could be difficult if all children are wearing the same exact things (“Pros & Cons Of School Uniforms”). Many well intended adults have justified the use of school uniforms for many different reasons. No matter what you dress students in, they will always find a way to pass judgment upon their peers. If it's not based upon the style of clothes worn there are many other superficial ways to judge people and form cliques (“Argument About Uniforms”).
Many students of public schools believe that school uniforms should not be introduced because it is restraining people's freedom of expression and does not create diversity. One example how uniforms restrict learners are that "without the outlet of expression in their clothes, students may turn to inappropriate hair styles, jewelry, or makeup" (“Public School Uniforms”). Yes judging people upon their appearance can be bad in schools. However making everyone wear the same...

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