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April 27, 2009
Written Communications 101
Manny Diaz
Cruise Vacation or a Resort Vacation?
Some people argue by asking the question, which is a better vacation? Is it a cruise vacation or an all- inclusive resort vacation? There are a lot of things that play a part in which is a better vacation; anything from food, activities, age of people to the price. My wife and I have taken both of these vacations in the past 12 months and will try to share our likes and dislikes.
Some of the highlights are the same. They both have lots and lots of food. They both are full of fun with plenty to do and if you get bored, I would consider the experience your own fault.
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If we traveled to another resort that day, also included was their bars and everything they offered including the evening entertainment.
The entertainment on the resort was small and more personal. One reason was because there are less people on the resort. The resorts used local people and they mingled with the crowd which made it more personal. One of the great shows happened during the beach party where they had a local blow fire (Sandals). Almost every show they involved the guests in the program and gave out prizes.
Prizes were given on the cruise also. During bingo for example; they gave very nice prizes such as a free cruises and lots of cash. The entertainment was very professional with high quality actors during shows. They were more like productions such as a Broad Way but a step up in quality and performed with more class.
Shows and entertainment were done most of the time during the evening and late nights.
But during the day, on the cruise, it was spent relaxing and lying on the top deck sunning our selves. There was always plenty of music playing with waiters coming to the guess giving it some great atmosphere.
The resorts didn’t have much atmosphere. We had to go to the bar for a drink while on the cruise they came to us. The difference was on the resort the drinks were included in the price where on the cruise they were not. The relaxing was the same but the location wasn’t. On the resort we sat in real sand in front of the ocean and get up and take a dip in the salt water anytime we liked. A great option was spending time at the other eight resort locations to take in the different sights and beaches. Then take a break and head for a sail boat ride for thirty minutes or so. Or sit and read a book to spend the day relaxing in the sun.
Sitting in the sun was just as relaxing on the cruise but it was clean with no sand to sift through. Everything was close to the bath rooms, bars, and food stands. But we were stuck on the boat. We couldn’t just get up and explore the island anytime we wanted or take a dip in the ocean.
While we could get up and take a dip in the pool from time to time there was lots of atmosphere on the boat. Very upbeat, load music and lights everywhere down the halls in the lounges and on the decks as well as the jogging track and the 200 foot water slide (Iglu Cruise). Also during the day there was fashion shows, how to buy real jewelry, wellness, and fitness classes. The gym has modern equipment with trainers on site. The resort has out dated equipment with no A/C where the cruise did. There was gambling for those people that enjoyed that kind of entertainment that was open 24 hours a day.
There was food 20 hours a day on the resort but the best part was more options for evening dining. Several choices of restaurants were from Asian Crusine to Italian. They could be chosen from any of the resorts in any location. We could make reservations any day at any time we wanted. They were formal...

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