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Are You Sure You Have Strategy

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MgtS 4481 Sec. 5
Geoffry Bell, Ph. D.
February 6, 2012
Hand-In Summary 1

Hambrick and Fredrickson’s literature review, Are you sure you have strategy? focuses on the key components of a strategy. Its purpose is to expand on the past 30 years of strategic frameworks and help us identify what actually constitutes a strategy. When executive call everything strategy, they create confusion, so this article works to dispel the misconception many executives and scholars hold that a strategy is a catchall term used to describe whatever they wish. Instead, Hambrick and Fredrickson persuade us that a sound strategy, or as they define – an integrated set of choices, incorporates five ...view middle of the document...

This includes decisions about internal development, joint ventures, and acquisitions. Failure to clearly consider the expansion vehicles can result in entry to the arenas being delayed or costly.
The third decision; differentiators helps answer the question how the firm will win in the marketplace. These are advantages that don’t just happen; rather they require executives to make mindful choices about which tactics to use. Some choices in this element include: image, customization, price, and after-sale services. If the strategist does not make these thoughtful, up-front decisions, an advantage will never occur and management may try to offer customers with overall superiority in all areas, which are doomed for failure because of inconsistencies and extraordinary resource demands. Instead, strategists should give clear preference to those few forms of advantage that are consistent with the competences of the company, and the values of the targeted arenas. Having a convincing advantage does not necessarily mean that the company has to be at the extreme on one differentiating dimension; rather it is sometimes better to have a combination of moderate differentiators.
Staging, the fourth element, is choices about the speed and sequence of past...

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