Are You Ready For Some Football?

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I can remember the cheers, the cheers in our home every Thanksgiving. That's when my family would sit down and watch the Honolulu Blue and Silver go against the enemy, the Green Bay Packers. I was 3 years old. This is when I found my love for the game. My passion for football will never leave me. Professional football does something for me that no other sport can do for me from September to January. I'm sure it will never end until the Lord calls my name.Are you ready for some football? The phrase is as American as apple pie and Chevrolet. The National Football League was founded in the fall of 1920. The original league name was A.P.F.A. ( American Professional Football Association ). The ...view middle of the document...

The first rule change was in February of 1933, when the NFL adopted its own rules of the game and abandoned the collegiate rules that initially set guidelines for the game. The officials, or referee's and the umpires administer the rules, which may result in penalties. There are a set number of rules/penalties and for multiple reasons. The most recent addition to administering the rules is the use of " instant replay". Who would have thought this when the league was formed?Instant replay allows the referee on the field view a play on a video screen located on both sides of the field. The referee has a certain amount of time to either abide by the decision made on the field or over turn the original decision. I am a big fan of instant replay, I think it actually has helped the game. You may be thinking of the AFC championship game 2 years ago and Tom Brady the quarterback of the New England Patriots apparently fumbled on a pass play. The entire nation except for maybe the state of Massachusetts could have sworn he fumbled the ball. This would have sent the Oakland Raiders to the Super Bowl. After further review, the official on the field called the play a "tuck". Well I could write another paper on that issue. All in all, I believe that instant replay is good for the game.The offense and defense of football has changed over the years.The offense has become so technical in it's own way. The use of computers has greatly enhanced the game as we know it at present time. It doesn't matter if the offense is a "west coast" style or ball control-oriented style. The offensive and defensive coordinators have the images of any given play (at any given time) sent down to the field of play. This lets the coaches and assistant coaches take the information to the player or players involved in a particular play to talk over strategy of lessons learned regarding that particular play.The defense side of the ball is also complicated in its own right. The defense of old consisted of 6 linemen, 3 linebackers and 2 safeties. In the New World of the NFL, we have the 4-3 alignment and the 3-4 alignment schemes. Both types of defense are effective. We could argue which defensive scheme is better than the other forever. Both defenses have their own strategies. The 4-3 capitalizes on big men up front or also called the front 4. The 3-4 on the other hand relies on fast and agile men up front and the linebacking corps to...

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