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Are Weddings Back In Fashion? Essay

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n this assignment I will be researching and explaining the question "are weddings back in fashion?" Although every girl and woman dreams of getting married someday it has come to my attention that the popularity of weddings is steadily decreasing. According to a BBC News website article (21 February 2007) 'the number of adults choosing to marry is at its lowest level since records began.' The factors that are involved include; the increasing popularity of couples having their weddings abroad rather than in the UK, how the credit crunch is making couples either put their wedding on hold for a few more years or choosing to have their wedding on a different (less expensive) day of the week. The ...view middle of the document...

Thus saving the couple around £14,000.

Another factor which could be affecting the popularity of weddings in the UK is the recent credit crunch. The credit crunch means that is a sudden reduction in the availability of obtaining a loan also an increase in the cost of obtaining a loan from the bank which means that couples then have to pay back more money. But despite this research suggests that the credit crunch has not had that much of an impact on weddings. The National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) conducted a survey and found that there is no increase in wedding cancellations due to the credit crunch however a little less than half of their respondents did find that wedding spending was decreasing. The day that couples prefer to have their wedding on is changing due to the credit crunch. Having a wedding on a Saturday is generally more expensive so more couples are opting for a Friday or Sunday when the wedding premiums are lower. According to a marriage ceremony on a Saturday has risen by £60 bringing the total to £260. Although church weddings are traditionally held on Saturday afternoons, couples have worked out that by having their wedding take place a day earlier the cars, caterers and photographers are cheaper to hire.

A downside to more couples choosing to get hitched abroad is that it then costs the guests more to attend. Hodgson (2005) concluded that a guest to a wedding now pays in the region of £300 to attend. This isn't including a stag and hen night! The things that add the amount to attend up to £300 includes things like; a new wedding outfit, gifts, drinks at the reception and travelling to and from the location of the wedding. So with the growing popularity of couples choosing to tie the knot abroad it means that the amount of expenditure that guests have to pay is going to increase. Statham (2004) said that one of the most popular wedding destinations abroad is the Caribbean. According to British Airways the average price of a flight to and from...

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