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Are We Ready? Essay

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Are We Ready?

What does ASEAN Integration really mean? How could this integration affect the lives of Filipino people? Are we ready for this? Am I ready?
As a student, I am wondering why we need this ASEAN integration if according to the news our economic status is now improving. I know we are part of ASEAN region but are we entitled to adapt and integrate with them. Why do we need to level off ourselves from different countries globally? There are so many questions, and still remains a question for everyone especially for me. But I have faith in our country that we can prove it like what we did before this integration, which we Filipinos can adapt.
By this I believe we can survive to the educational changes – specifically in our curriculum or the K to 12 Program. I know this has been set up so that we can level off with ASEAN and the rest of the world. ...view middle of the document...

I know that our K to 12 Program has more lapses and creates problems. That is why government experts (if we have experts) should come in and look into the program with cyclonic eyes, and reconstruct or improve our system of education in the country. Let us not give rooms for doubt to our parents and educators that the people upstairs who are in-charge simply ponder. When there is trouble, they delegate. When they are in doubt, they mumble.
In our province, we only identify few specialist schools for Technical-Vocational, School of the Arts, Agriculture, Fisheries, Information Technology, and Tourism. How about our secondary schools in coastal areas and upland barangays which are far away from pilot schools? I also know that some basic problems have not been answered…lack of classrooms, books, working tools and equipment, laboratory facilities, and competent teachers.

But I don’t have any power nor authority in solving this, I am just only a student who aimed to finish my studies and be productive in life. But how can an individual like me achieve it?
I will just pray and hope that this integration will give a positive and good impact to every Filipino people who is hoping for a better change


Ano na nga ba ang mga Pilipinong mambabasa sa panahon ng ASEAN integration?
Hindi pa man dumarating ang ASEAN Integration marami ng pagbabagong nangyayari sa buhay ng mga Pilipino dulot nang paglaganap ng teknolohiya. At dahil sa pagbabagong ito, marahil nalilimutan na ng ibang mga tao higit na ang mga kabataan na kagaya ko ang bumisita sa mga silid aklatan at pagnilay-nilayan ang mga aklat na nilathala para sa aming kaalaman.
Naalala ko pa yung paulit-ulit na sinasabi sa akin noon ng aking mga butihang guro, ang pagbabasa ay makapagdadala sayo sa iba’t ibang lugar at makakapagbigay ng dunong at

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