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Are Successful Media, Principally Highly Successful Movies, Successful Because They Accurately Reflect The Social Mood Of The Public ?

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Established empirical research suggests that highly successful media, principally moves, are successful by virtue of the fact that the audience closely associate with the general mood, temperament and “message” that is being communicated. It will be shown that the success of particular genres of film changes through time in tune with the prevailing human social mood. Human social mood is determined by the human herding instinct which is generated by the limbic system of the human brain and is an involuntary, unconscious, “hard-wired” human condition. In order to establish the correlation between highly successful movies and human social mood we require a quantitative measure ...view middle of the document...

It will be demonstrated that “The Dark Knight” successfully mimicked and empathized with the highly fearful and unduly pessimistic public mood that is ongoing
We will also discuss how such knowledge of the stockmarket’s wave structure can help us to predict what genre and type of movie we should be producing today in order to improve our chances of success in the future.

The “Wave Principle” and human social mood
In order to demonstrate a connection between public mood and successful movies, we need to have an accurate measure of human social mood. There is one established empirical method, amongst others, that we will be discussing, and that is the “Wave Principle” pioneered by R.N. Elliot in 1938 (Ref Z ). R.N. Elliot (1871 – 1948) was a pioneer in the science of understanding the mass psychology of human society. He determined that human mass psychology is governed principally by emotion and not reason (Ref 1, see appendix). This conclusion is supported by more recent neurophysiological research which shows that the human brain is comprised of a hierarchy of three fundamentally distinct brains in one (ref 2).These three brain divisions are responsible for different functions and all can be operative at any given time. The Primal reptilian and Limbic brains, the “Limbic System”, produce essentially irrational, unconscious actionss such as breathing, survival responses and body language etc. The survival responses are responsible for the human “herding” syndrome which essentially enabled our ancestors to survive better. Although humans have the ability to think and reason rationally via the neocortex, they also exhibit unconscious, interdependent behaviour when herding in groups. The larger the group, the more compelling the unconscious behaviour. In groups, humans exhibit irrational behaviour, think of football crowds, the rise of the Nazis, witch trials of the 17th century etc. A very good modern example of this is the behaviour of the public within financial markets. It has been shown that most people “follow the trend’ when investing in the stock market to the extent that ridiculous valuations of company stocks can result(both positive and negative). Classic examples are the “South Sea Bubble” of 1719-1720 (Ref X ), the “Tulip Mania” of 1636-1637 (Ref Y), the Wall Street Crash of 1929-1932 and the more recent technology led bubble upto 2000 and the subsequent severe bear market that currently exists.
Elliott made the connection between human social mood and the stock market, he noted that ‘Human emotions… are rhythmical’ and that these waves govern ‘all human activities, whether it is business, politics, or the pursuit of pleasure’ (Ref 3). At the same time, he observed in detail the price fluctuations in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (“DJIA”) index following the Great Crash of 1929. He postulated a theory stating that stock prices are led by repetitive sequences or waves which are predictable and in tune with human...

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