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Are Leaders Born Or Made Essay

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Name: Shafiq Sonday
Instructor: Carla Mueller
Course: Leadership in the 21st Century
Date: 06/25/2014
Leadership is the driving force for any organization, region, or enterprise. Different people have different understanding on the value of leadership. There is a major concern on whether leaders are born or made. However, proper answer would mainly rely on evaluation of the various traits that a leader should possess. Proper leadership skills are vital to the success of a company. They help in making the right choices at the right time. Proper leadership is a combination of personality traits and several skills, and capabilities that an individual learn with time, and the ...view middle of the document...

A leader may acquire leadership skills from the people he, or she spend most of his time with such as teachers, employers, or workmates (Kinicki 2014).This may be through observing the behavior, and style of leadership of the successful leaders.
Leadership skills may also be acquired through watching, and analyzing. This means another person’s leadership style can shape the skills of a leader. There must be certain elements of leadership that one will learn from observing how other people in leadership positions respond to issues (Kinicki 2014).
In the process of building one’s leadership skills, feedback from the team being led is paramount. These people have direct view of the behavior of the leader, and evaluate the effectiveness of the method of leadership that he or she obtains. As a leader, one should learn from the mistakes that the team assists one to identify (Kinicki 2014). In most cases, such people will give the exact information concerning the problem at stake.
Leaders are individuals who are exposed to new problems every day. They will always find themselves in new situations, and may be dealing with new personnel. The continuous exposure to new positions that require exclusive application of leadership skills, the leader will learn new ways of dealing with situations, and interacting with new people. In the new environment, the individual may observe the most critical issues through which he learns, and applies the necessary knowledge useful in defining success in the situation (Taffinder 22).
Commitment in setting clear, and effective objectives should be core among leaders. The objectives of a company act as the driving force to the company. They are the main reason why the company exists, and the leader must be part of the team that identifies this as a requirement for the move. The leader will acquire skills of respecting objectives by sustaining commitment to the objectives. The proper knowledge of objectives of a company assists the leader in having all the employees follow him (Deschamps 35).
Leaders should be individuals with special skills...

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