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Are Human Behavior Predictable Essay

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ITK Human Sciences Journal Michelle Ng 4D (12)

Recently, a group of leading Northeastern University network scientists found out that, human behavior is 93 percent predictable by studying the mobility patterns of anonymous cell-phone users and concluded that, despite the common perception that our actions are random and unpredictable, human mobility follows surprisingly regular patterns. However, some people may argue that everyone is unique. It is very difficult to predict one’s behavior with absolute accuracy.  There are too many variables in the exact interaction of people to chart the step by step or exact results. I think human behavior is predictable in the grand view which is in a big group. However, personal behavior can be random within the group which makes us sometime wrong about others. In other words, there are trends that can be followed fairly accurately, but ...view middle of the document...

This also suggests that behavior is predictable. 

In a small picture, human behavior can be influenced by many factors with respect to the study done by Lee J Cronbach and Richard Snow in 1977. It suggested that there are many limits on the predictability of human behavior. Individual differences actually affect educational effectiveness because they affect behavior. Not one way is the best for teaching every student to read. Moreover, there are certain types of personalities that are too complex to be predictable, such as someone with a personality disorder, bipolar disorder. That suggests the reason why we are sometimes wrong about others. Although human behavior in 93% predictable, there is still 7% left unpredictable which may be attributed to a few factors such as personal experiences, emotions, religions… These factors all differ for individuals. For example, when someone does something that must make others feel angry , some will be angry and even quarrel , while others may be wise and avoid the quarrel , this is an example that shows that one situation results in different reactions . 

The prediction of human behavior is possible in a specific large group but not individually which can be shown by the following example. When the government surveys people on their purchasing habit and from those results can predict at what age. For example, guys at the age of 50 may suffer from midlife crisis will be most likely to buy a car and guys at the age of 35 spends most on snacks because he has voracious kids in his household. But individually, it is a completely different story as a guy may buy a car as soon as he can drive and a guy may tell his kids not to eat snacks.

In conclusion, I think it is possible to predict the behavior of a specific group of people such as age group, gender group… However, it is impossible to predict individual behavior because one’s behavior can be determined by a lot of factors.

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