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Are Homosexuals Moral Or Immoral? Essay

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The moral status of homosexual is still on the line: whether it is moral or immoral. In this reaction paper, I will discuss my stand regarding the moral status of homosexual.
Let me first define the word moral. Based on Merriam Dictionary, moral is defined as these: concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior; based on what you think is right and good. So this suggests that morality is both subjective and objective just like values.
According to an article I’ve read on the internet, homosexuality is not immoral. There were major ethnical theories presented, but I will focus on just one theory, which is utilitarianism. Utilitarianism states that morality should be ...view middle of the document...

It is something that is connected to one’s mentality.
In regards to the environmental element that Mr. Biddle says, our environment also affects homosexual. Humans are considered to be the most adaptable creatures created by God. We are easily influenced by the people who surrounds us. So if a boy is surrounded by gays, there is a tendency that he might become gay. The same goes for lesbians. While it is true that, scientifically speaking, there are some genes that affects the gender disorder of a person, it may also be caused by the environment. If I may put it in an analogy, if a good person is surrounded by bad people, then there is a high chance that that person may become a bad person too.
Mr. Biddle also stated that the morality of homosexuals and them being homosexuals are irrelevant. Because a person’s sexual orientation is not relevant to the question of morality.
Based on our socio-cultural values, we should accept, embrace, and be true to who we are. But we are obliged to change if we start hurting others. If accepting who we really are is being just to oneself, then that would mean acceptance of homosexual would be just. Justice is simply a matter of being fair to one another and to one’s self. Our society is very much particular with justice now a days. Because with justice comes with respect. If we respect each other, we are just. If we are just to one another, we are being respectful to one another.

With all the facts presented above, I don’t think the morality of homosexual is questionable. Being homosexual is much more in line with the psychological and biological aspect of human nature. Their morality shouldn’t be questioned. Morality is simply a question of ethics. If homosexual people are doing wrong things, only then they become immoral, but if they don’t do wrong things, they are moral. If the...

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