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Are Corporations People Essay

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Corporations Are Not People
Frances Sears
ENG122 English Composition II
Prof. Kritisin Narjes
June 4, 2013

Corporations are not people. The constitutional rights were intended for real persons, not artificial creations. Corporations use money to be successful; not the people that make up corporations. Corporations are heartless and do not care about people and their lives. I feel that corporations are not people.
Are Corporations People
There have been arguments since 1886, whether corporations are people or not. The constitution shield living beings from arbitrary government and endowed them with the right to speak assemble petition. The case of Santa Clara County vs. Southern ...view middle of the document...

Even with laws and regulations, I find “we the people” are treated differently. Throughout the years, there have been ongoing debates with corporation and people. I feel that corporations are not people. Most corporations are about themselves and making money. I feel that corporations look at the underclass differently. Several Democratic members on congress announced new proposals to retrain the ability of corporations and other groups, to sway elections with deep pocket spending. I think most corporations fund elections with deep pocket spending; to sway the presidential party of their choice.
People in high tax brackets seem to be in their own world. Republicans, tend to be more of upper class people. Republicans look at the middle and lower class Democrats differently. What about the middle that pays taxes; like me. I feel that the 14th Amendment only protects us to a certain extent. Yes we have our laws, but I feel that people still have their way to go around them. Years ago the Framers, understood the art of compromise. The Framers left it to the states to create corporations through Charters and rules, that varied by state. I feel that rules should not vary by state. Some states like New York and California with large corporations, may feel differently about corporations then smaller states like Texas and Louisiana.

I feel that corporations won constitutional rights through other means, including the Amendment passed after Civil War. The Amendment gave legal equality to another aggrieved group: former Slaves. As a result, the court appears to have ruled on the equal-protection issue without ever weighing it through any argument deliberation or formal opinion. Even with the protection, I think corporations look at people under them as low as slaves, were looked at. Thin as this reed may be, generations of Lawyers have clung to it in arguing for an expanding galaxy of corporate rights. I think this is how an Amendment intended to thwart Slaveholders, are used to benefit Stockholders. This discussion has been going on for years; even brought up in last year presidential election. Elizabeth Warren, made “Are Corporations People” a part of her speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte N.C. Warren has had an ongoing feud with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Romney feels that “corporations are people.”

Corporations Are Not People
President Barack Obama said, “he feels that corporations are not person.”(B. Obama 2012) I totally agree, that corporations are not people. Each person should be considered equal and not a group as one. President Obama, said “he would get to work immediately with congress” “to develop a forceful response” to the high court ruling. Several Democratic members of congress announced new proposals to restrain the ability of corporations and other groups to sway elections with deep pocket spending. (B. Obama 2012) People of corporations, like having the ability to sway deep the...

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