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Architecture At The University Of Portland

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Emily Bliven
Fine Arts
October 31, 2014 Architecture Essay

The above picture is a sketch of one of the two main entrances of Buckley Center, a building located at the University of Portland. This sketch includes many offices and rooms on the side of the building, as well as outdoor foliage and a small greenhouse attached to the building.

The materials used in the construction include brick and concrete, as well as various metals for roofing and support. The brick design on the outside provides basic structural support for the building, as well as give a nice aesthetic value in the red color. The use of brick makes the building seem very academic and ...view middle of the document...

Buckley Center auditorium is similar in style the rest of Buckley Center. It is made of red brick and windows which give it a distinctive linear design. This evokes feelings of stability and strength. The major difference between the auditorium and Buckley Center proper is the shape of the building. The outer structure of the building is a half circle whereas all other parts of Buckley are rectangular and rigid. This gives it a modern, aesthetically appealing contrast to the main building. As stated previously, the red brick adds an academic look to the building with green vegetation contrasting in the background.
As can be seen the the picture, Buckley auditorium has many large windows which allow much needed natural light into an otherwise dark and oppressive foyer. This helps to open up the building and make it seem large for what is a rather narrow, claustrophobic hallway.

Buckley Center is largely the same rectangular, brick structure all the way around, but not all of Buckley Center is as regal and prestigious as the front entrance and adjacent auditorium. The architecture of the building still has to yield to the needs of functionality. The picture below is an example of how Buckley Center fulfills its purpose as a central hub of the...

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