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Archaeological Anthropology Essay

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Archaeological Anthropology
TOPIC: Human evolution and the bow & arrow

Archaeologists study the material remains left by our ancestors in order to interpret cultural variation and changes in the past, more over it focuses on how human evolution. Human beings construct niches by inventing ways of using their relationships with on another and with the physical environment to make a living. As an example, referring to the subsistence strategies, we may tell that it can be divided into 2 different subtopic, food collectors and food producers. And in this case bow and arrow belongs the category of the tools of foragers. The tools allowed hunters to shoot prey more accurate than ...view middle of the document...

With all those theories, they all suggest that such an important technological innovation could have on all aspects of a society.

There are many ideas that are relating to what the textbook is saying, as an example, both the news and the articles talk about increasing social complexity, and in chapter 7, anthropologists explain the rise of complex societies as requiring knowledge of architecture, textiles and metallurgy and also presupposed a form of social organization that provide multi tasking. From chapter 6, “How do we know about the Human Past”, the concept fully describe how archaeologists discover evolutions with leftovers. And in chapter 5, it talks about the early history of bows and arrow, and how it helped with survival, by providing enough food. The article is talking about social complexity and arrival of the bow: Criteria for Falsification Of Two Major Theories. Moreover, the news states that “Blitz and Porth conclude that the new social roles that arose out of the need for community defense laid the foundations for the rise of social complexity culminating in the elite chiefs who rules the Mississippian metropolises, such as Cahokia in Illinois.” Moreover, “….an important technological innovation could have on all aspects of a society.” Another point that relates to the idea, from the article is that “This increase in attacker numbers allowed by the bow has especially powerful effects in numerical asymmetric conflicts within or between human coalitions.”, and it’s the reason that bow can ne a cause of social complexity increasing. As a conclusion, the concepts stated in both paper, is bow and arrow increase the society complexity.

1. I agree with the conclusions of the author, because bow and arrow do show a great impact of increasing social complexity, with an efficient tool for...

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