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Aravind Eye Hospitals Essay

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Topic: Designing and managing services
Case: Aravind Eye hospital

Aim of Aravind Hospitals:
To treat the eyesight of the poor people in each and every part of India and in other asian, africa countries and in countries across the globe.
Founder of Aravind Hospitals:
Initially it had three surgeons :Dr. Venkataswamy, his sister, Dr. G.Natchiar; and her husband, Dr. P. Namperumalswamy .Dr. Venkataswamy is the founder of Aravind Hospitals. Personal tragedies at a very age (like the demise of his father) made him strong and accept the responsibilities of his family.
* Strong technical expertise.
* A strong sense of passionate service towards ...view middle of the document...

It has identified Cataract as the major cause of blindness.
* 75% of all in Asia is suffering from Cataract.
* Mostly patients are over the age of 45 with major chunk falling in the age of over 65.
* Lens becomes clouded in a cataract eye. Light does not get easily transmitted to Retina
* Clouding process takes 3 to 10 years to reach maturity.
* Surgical removal of the clouded lens is the only proven treatment.
* Surgeons generally prefer to remove cataracts only when they are mature.

Services in Aravind Hospitals:

* It is completely operated as people’s service as consumer is required while delivering the service.
* The hospitals offer free eye camps to the poor.
* Eye Camps:
* They are generally sponsored by businessmen and NGOs, who take care of all operatiohns and logistics.
* Aravind hospitals offer service by providing doctors and supporting staff.
* Camp organisers are aligned by district and they have to travel extensively in their assigned territories.
* They have to meet once a week at Aravind’s headquarters in Madurai.
* Usually sponsors are used for eye camps to provide better services and also they can better connect to people.

* Patients are divided into 3 cateogories-A, B, C. The categorization is done to provide varied levels of service.
* By doing this, the hospitals are in service differentiation.
* Special customers who could afford the service will be charged a premium amount for the service with some additional facilities.
* Customers availing free service are given dormitories with basica needs. A special factor here is that all people from same village are given the same dorm to ensure easy communiction and assistance.
* The facilities are differntiatied only in terms of amenities. The primary service of treatment is streamlined to ensure quality service is delivered to all types of customers.
* Difference between Main Hospital and Free Hospital:
* Main Hospital is fully organised while Free Hospital is less organised and more crowded.
* Unlike the Main Hospital, patients in the Free Hospital do not have “beds” in which to
* Recuperate and recover, but rather are taken to big rooms on the upper floors and each provided with a 6’ x 3’ bamboo/coir mat, which is spread out on the floor as a bed, and a small sized pillow.
* The only differentiation in terms of service is that the main hospital had ECCE. Patients from free hospital who...

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