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Approaches To Management Essay

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Describing what management is and how it should function within a company is not always easy, as managing a company is a task covering lots of different areas the company has to deal with. As a manager you do not only have to apply hard skills like planning investments but also soft skills like team management and motivation. Therefore finding a universal approach, serving solutions to every question a manager could be confronted with, is a topic already keeping scientists and managers busy for centuries. As the industrial revolution with its principles of labor division and separation of ownership and control caused major changes in company structures, a tremendous amount of approaches has ...view middle of the document...

This means, that at the alleged end of the work the manager once again checks, whether the desired goals have been achieved, and if not places some corrective actions. (Robbins & Coulter, 2009, Source1)
All these tasks can be done either right and lead the company to success, or wrong and therefore have negative influence on the development of the company. In order to always reach the best possible results in business processes a model had to be developed, considering all of the above management tasks.
In the classical approach scientific principles are used to make rational use of workers & machines, leading to a maximization of productivity. When Taylor has developed his “Principles of Scientific Management” in 1911, the formal studies of management were born. His approach was to separate planning and execution, to make use of standardization and specialization to increase productivity and to pay incentives, in order to motivate the workers. His ideas were enhanced by the Gilbreths, who employed time and motion studies to optimize production steps, and Gantt, developing an efficient planning and controlling instrument, showing at which time every step of the process has to be started, called “Gantt Chart”. At the same time Fayol developed his “Principles of management”, by taking a look on management functions of planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. For him management was not just taking a look at material things like planning and production, but caring about administrative actions like shareholder satisfaction, coordinating efforts towards overall goal or creating good relations to the outside world as well. Out of these three ideas Weber developed a form of organization called bureaucracy, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency. His idea was to govern a company by a set of rules for the division of labor, authority hierarchy, written rules and regulations, formal selection of workforce and the uniform application of rules and controls within the company. (Robbins & Coulter, 2009, Source1; Pindur & Robers, Source2; Wren, Bedeian, Breeze, Source3)
Although the classical approach seems to ideally optimize the production process of a company, it does not describe all of the management tasks. It is way to mechanical, does not pay attention to human behavior and limits every encouragement of creativity and innovation, which makes it lacking a description of the leading task of management. On top of that it does not take into consideration that environmental aspects can influence a company as well, which makes it insufficient in planning and controlling tasks as well.

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