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Appreciate Irish Heritage Essay

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Appreciate Irish Heritage
The Irish culture is rich in customs, beliefs, and practices with substantial significance in the current times. It also constitutes traditions, literature, music, art, language, legends, sport and cuisine associated with Irish people living in the United States. These aspects of the Irish heritage are not homogeneous among natives of Ireland because of cultural divides that exist between rural Irish and urban Irish, Protestants and Catholics, settled population and travellers, native population and immigrants as well as disparities in language among Irish people. As such, Irish heritage is diverse with different elements that vary depending on ...view middle of the document...

Culture of Irish Ethnic Group
From 1740 to 1922, many people emigrated from Ireland to the United States. This vast flow is attributed to different events that occurred of the years, such as massive starvation as well as food shortage in Ireland, civil conflicts, industrialization, and exploration, among others (Miller 97). Before the emigration, the Irish ethnic group had untainted Irish culture, traditions, customs and practices. In the context of religion, Irish people widely practiced Roman Catholicism, though some practiced Christianity following its introduction in Ireland in the 5th century. In addition to religion, Irish culture was characterized by multiple festivities some of which are widely celebrated today. Halloween, Celtic festival of Samhain, is a major festival of Irish origin celebrated across the globe. The ancient Irish culture also comprised of unique foods and drinks such as honey, mead, venison, native nuts and berries, especially hazel, and seeds of goosefoot as well as knotgrass. Moreover, the culture was rich in Irish languages, folklore (Irish mythology), and customs that had unique characterization among the Irish people. Traditional practices held great meaning in the Irish society, although the emigration to America relatively altered their significance in the attempts of adjusting to meet the needs of the industrializing world.
The modern Irish culture upholds antique Celtic traditions through festivities, music, literature, and language. This culture is renowned because of its robust literary history encompassing epic poetry and folk legends. The stories regarding the mythical Celtic individuals have been propagated from one generation to the other for many centuries. Based on existing Irish history, it is difficult to differentiate true and mythology Irish history because mythology played a significant role in the Irish culture. In addition, Irish heritage is recognized across the globe for inspiring works by Irish natives, including W.B. Yeats and James Joyce, in the recent centuries. Some of the details captured in the literature by these famous writers include the Irish culture encompassing the brawls of urban Dublin life and rural island life. As a result, a strong feeling of appreciation and pride is felt among people of Irish origin because of their culture as well as the history of Irish literary works (Blamires 37).
In the Irish culture, music is approximated to have emerged during the same period with Irish mythology. The culture has unique music that has advanced over time to the modern Irish music. Instruments such as bodhráns (hand-held drum), harps, fiddles, flutes, violins, and banjos are played to fashion the traditional Irish melodies. These are some of the instruments, which are considered as the pride of Irish heritage. They are not only unique in their origin, but also functionality and significant in the ancient Irish communities. In addition, lyrics have been integrated...

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