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In the Army, it is vital to be at your appointed place of duty because your whole squad, platoon and company are depending on you to do your job. You do not ever want to be the weakest link in the chain.

In my seven years in the Army, I have learned that unit cohesion is the most important thing there is. If you cannot work with and depend on the people around you, then you can never get anything accomplished. I know that by me not showing up, it could have put a whole lot more pressure and stress on my fellow soldiers. I understand that the reason I was not there was something very stressful for me, but it is not really an excuse to miss formation.

If this was a battle situation and I had failed to be at my appointed place of duty on time, my buddies could have ended up killed or wounded because of my inability to focus on what was important in my job. I can ...view middle of the document...

Most importantly, I know I let my squad leader, platoon sergeant and fellow soldiers down by not being there when I should have. For all I know, I could have been needed for an important mission or to take over for someone who was sick. I know everyone understands my situation right now, but I will do my best to not let it affect my work anymore.

Also, when my chain of command doesn’t know where I am, they start to worry that something may have happened to me, causing unnecessary stress on them. It would also cause a lot of problems because you may need to take other soldiers off of other important missions or other important things they needed to do, just to try and find me.

I understand that I could have been charged article 86 under the uniform code of military justice for failure to be at appointed place of duty at appointed time. This could have resulted in loss of rank and pay and possible discharge from the Army had it been continued behavior. I also understand how negatively that would affect my entire life and I really do regret not just coming when I was supposed to.

I am also aware that had no one been able to find or contact me for twenty four hours or more, I would have been considered AWOL, which would have had much worse punishments, up to and including jail time.
I understand my actions were wrong and I will never stay over Sunday nights and try to leave in the mornings again. I understand that this looks especially bad on my squad leader, who is supposed to be accountable for me at all times. In the future, I will try a lot harder to make sure you are aware of my whereabouts so that there will be no more confusion as to what I am doing and where I am at. I will also keep you informed of any important situations such as the one I am in right now, so I won’t be calling you unexpectedly trying to explain what’s going on.

I know that me going through my med board and sometimes having unexpected appointments and forgetting to tell you about some of my appointments has kind of become a problem also. From now on, I’ll try to make sure you know when all of my appointments are and what is going on if I get called over to the med board office or anything.

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