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Applying The Learning Curve Theory Essay

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Apply the Learning Curve Theory
The purpose of this assignment is to apply the learning curve theory to the week’s simulation scenario. The scenario involves Mario’s Pizzeria. As the only grandchild of Mario, an opportunity has been given to demonstrate managerial skills of running the restaurant for two months. During this time, Mario will evaluate the decisions made and determine if the pizzeria should be passed down. The changes Mario wants to see include increasing customer service, reduce waiting time, and optimize the process for the peak time in the restaurant to maximize benefits. Additionally, the learning curve will be applied to determine how good the new process data will be. ...view middle of the document...

In Mario’s situation it arranging the tables to accommodate parties of two and four people would greatly improve the utilization of the accessible room. The new arrangement is to have a quantity of 10 tables for groups of four and eight tables for groups of two. This also helps to shorten the wait time (see chart). Period one demonstrates weeks three and four with a wait time of 5.24 minutes and a queue time of 2.63 minutes. Period two for weeks five and six shows the decrease in wait time to 4.7 minutes and period three for the final weeks of seven and eight show an average wait time of 3.46 minutes and average queue time of 2.83 minutes.

Conversely, it does not prove supportive to increase the amount of kitchen or wait staff as was seen by using the learning curve simulation a few times to show that adding staff would lower the percentage of utilization. Another aspect to think about was the effectiveness of the ovens to produce the pizzas at a proficient rate. The plax ovens were shown as more efficient in serving customers in an adequate period. The decision to remove the manual ovens and replace them with two plax ovens proved more efficient and profitable. Also, the adoption of the Bought...

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