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Applying System Thinking Essay

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Applying System Thinking to Customer Service Operations

Amber Johnson

Kaplan University


Everywhere you turn, there are systems. Each system serves a specific purpose.
Systems ensure that a certain goal is carried out to its maximum potential. Within an organization there are smaller systems implanted into the larger system. A customer service operation has many smaller systems working together to achieve a common goal. At United Healthcare International, the customer service operation system is multifaceted and driven to produce excellence.
Customer Service Operating System
When building a business unit, one must utilize system thinking. System thinking, ...view middle of the document...

One of the most important components to the customer service operating model is Sales. The customer service professionals (CCPs) are also an essential component to the system. Their expertise is needed to service the business that was sold. Training is required in order for the CCPs to know how to service the callers. Training gets its information from Sales; therefore these components must be interactive. CCPs interact with Sales and Training to advise of holes in the process and to provide various forms of feedback.

Appeal of UHCI
# of Sales
# of available Staff
CCP Workload
Additional Training

Casual Loop Diagram

The casual loop diagram pictured above indicates on a high level what the Customer

Service Operations and Sales relationship looks like when applying system thinking. The

reinforcing area of the loop, labeled with an “R”, “can produce exponential growth…”

(Hutchens, 2001, p65). The business is depended upon the Sales team making sales. As

sales increase, it has an affect on the number of CCPs (Customer Service Professionals) that

are available. The more staff that is available, the more attractive UHCI (United Healthcare

Casual Loop Diagram of Customer Service Operations at UHCI

International) becomes to companies looking for health coverage for their members in the...

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