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Applying Ethical Frameworks In Practice Essay

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Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice
Adetutu S. Toyin-oke

Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice
Under what circumstances is one allowed to break patient-nurse confidentiality? As a nurse one may think of a few personal situations where they had to break that confidentiality. Ethical framework such as the nightingale pledge and ethical principles stated in nursing textbooks were meant to provide guidelines on how to most appropriately treat people in the healthcare field; however, when ethical framework is applied to nursing practice, a nurse may run into many implications.
Ethical implications
What are the implications of a breach of confidentiality? Well, the most obvious ...view middle of the document...

“Being faithful to the patient entails meeting the patient's reasonable expectations. Patients come with all kinds of expectations. What can be counted as a reasonable expectation?” (Purtilo & Doherty, 2011) The nurse is also in a position to harm someone else by not informing the school of the patient’s medical problem. This is the nonmaleficence ethical principle. A nurse should try as much as possible to not harm herself or others. And lastly, the nurse is in a position to tell the truth or deceive someone. This is the veracity ethical principle. If the nurse decides not to tell the school or the parents about the patient’s medical condition, the she has broken the nonmaleficence principle, because the disease can spread unknowingly.
Applying Framework of Ethical Decision Making
It is important to apply a framework to the situation in order to make the most appropriate and ethical decision. According to a lecture by Michelle Silvers, step 1 of ethical decision making is identifying the problem: The patients, their parents and their school mates are the people involved in the dilemma. The patient’s disease is what interrelates them. Step 2 is to state your values and ethical position to the problem. I value patient/nurse trust. Telling the parents and informing the school about patient’s situation does not fit my personal belief because it breaks patient/nurse confidentiality. Step 3 is to take into consideration the factors that relate to the situation and generate alternatives for resolving the dilemma.
* Alternative A: Tell the patient’s parent about the medical condition of their child
* Alternative B: keep the medical condition of the patient confidential
Step 4 is to examine and categorize the alternatives. Alternative B is the most...

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