Applied Pharmacology Essay

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One of the roles of the Therapeutic Goods Administration is classification of medicine based on risks associated with taking them among patients. It hence ensures that the correct doses and drug contents are released to the relevant persons and units for the safety of the patients. The provision of medicines is also regulated under the processes of manufacturing and quality (Department of Health and Ageing 2011). This assures the patients and the public that the drugs being supplied in the market are safe and of high quality. Monitoring of the drugs is also done by the therapeutic goods administration.
The regulatory agency also ensures that the drugs passed as viable for supply are ...view middle of the document...

With the new sponsors, the committee gets various challenges related to the regulation and the registration of the new sponsors. In addition, the committee is still being subjected to quality issues, taking that most of the drug companies are trying to beat the regulation guidelines. The restrictions have hence been made worse and despite the increased urge to be registered under quality-providing companies, the new companies have served as major sources of challenges for the drugs regulation committees (Department of Health and Ageing 2011). However, the agency have managed to establish its mandates in the regulation and monitoring the drugs being produced in the country.
Through its regulation procedures, the agency has managed to put the lives of the citizens before any other issue and this has caused the agency to be regarded as one of the most feasible, talking that the lives of the citizens would never be put at jeopardy (Ghosha, Skinnera & Ferguson 2006). In addition, the agency has ensured that under the regulatory measures and the guidelines established to secure the citizens against substandard medicine, there is increased safety and assurance to the patients. Them agency is hence a very important factor I the safety, quality and distribution of medicines around Australia.
In the development of a drug policy, one of the most important aspects would be the development of a strategy to address the policy implementation program. This would involve the organization and the identification of problems to be solved by the drug policy. Only then can the strategy have a better foundation aimed at realizing its success (World Health Organization 2002). The situation at hand should be analyzed by all the concerned parties to define the areas or weakness and strength and hence define means of setting the goals and the objectives. After setting the goals and the objectives, the other step to follow would be the drafting of texts to arrange and plan for the manner in which the entire program would be successful.
The other step in the development of a drug policy would be to circulate and revive the policies according to the changes proposed by the parties involved. Since the texts have to be circulated to other parties involved in the structuring program, the revision has to be done according to the proposals of the parties and the formal endorsement has to be secured according to the goals and changes enacted. Before launching the policy, the implementation frameworks have to be prioritized according to the objectives and needs within the area of concern (World Health Organization 2002). The time frame for implementation has to be selected and the players selected.
During the implementation plan, the processes within the policy-implementation program have to be re-addressed according to the needs present in order to have annual work plans for effectiveness and accountability. Upon implementation, the policy development process must be...

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