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Applied Business Essay

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Sainsbury’s Job Roles
As a store manager, it’s ultimately there job to deliver a great shopping experience in a safe and secure environment for all their customers. The manager has overall responsibility for the store and for planning for making sure that the store meets the objectives set for the business by the head office. They delegate authority to supervisors however they have to take responsibility for everything that occurs in the store.
Store managers need to be able to employ staffing and conduct training. The manager is responsible for employing people with ...view middle of the document...

Also Store managers need to be able to handle customer complaints and queries. The success of the retail store depends upon if the customer is satisfied with their shopping experience. There are many occasions when the customer is unhappy about the customer service which is provided by the store. It could be due to an unpleasant general assistant, or because of bad quality. The manager is expected to handle all the complaints and queries faced by the customers in a satisfying way. The objective of this is to gain customer loyalty through efficient problem-solving skills.
Qualities they should have
As a store manager, there are certain qualities needed. A manager need a good standard of basic education, including ‘good’ GCSE passes in both English and Mathematics, they need this in order to communicate with its customers and employees as they might need them to compete a specific task. Although you don’t need to speak another language it would be a desirable if they could, as it would help them communicate to customers who don’t speak English. This quality would be useful as there are an increase in the amount of foreign people in England.
Store managers need to have the ability to motivate other employees, in order to motivate they need to figure out a reward system they could do this by giving their employees monetary or non-monetary benefits

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