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Application: Square Of Communication And Vicious Circle

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1 Introduction 1
2 Situation 1
3 Square of Communication 4
3.1 Implementation 4
3.2 Reflection and Conclusion 7
4 The Vicious Circle 8
4.1 Implementation 8
4.2 Reflection and Conclusion 9

In this transfer paper the two models learned in the seminar
“Principles of Communication” will be applied to a real life situation. First, the situation will be is described, second the chosen models are implemented on the situation and a conclusion will be drawn. The square of communication and the model of the Vicious Circle will be applied in the following.

This spring I’ve been interning at a big German company for three months. During this ...view middle of the document...

I was finalizing my presentation when I received an automatic email from the notes account of my supervisor, saying that my meeting has been canceled.
It wasn’t new to me by that time, that my supervisor cancelled or rescheduled meetings with me. I had never complained about this to him, as I knew that this is due to his high work load and engagement in the company. Normally however I would receive a short notice before he did so, asking if I would be ok if the meeting is rearranged. Even though it always stroke me as poor time management from his side, I kindly replied to those emails, saying that a shift of our meeting is ok with me. I knew it wasn’t meant to be rude from his side and I didn’t wanted to put any more pressure on him than he already was confronted with, and even though my topic was of very high importance for the company, I knew I was “just” an intern after all.
I was aware of the fact that in a company the daily business requires flexibility, and rearranging meetings is very common. Still, my supervisor deciding over my head that the meeting will be rescheduled seemed to be rude to me, especially considering the pressure I found myself under, due to the bad organization of the company at the start of my internship and the fact that my presentation would be held in front of managers.
About an hour after I had received the cancellation notice, my supervisor, to whom I will refer to as “Felix” in the following, came to my desk and the following conversation took place:
Conversation 1:
Felix: Did you get my cancellation notice?
Me: Yes, I got your notice.
Felix: I had to shift the meeting as Dirk* wanted to see me. I hope that’s OK with you?
Me: Yes, that’s ok. Still, it’s very important to me, that we have this meeting soon.
Felix: Look, Dirk needs to see me and I cannot make the meeting with you.
Me: It’s just important for me, that we don’t have a huge delay for this meeting. My presentation is in three days and I need to check a couple of things with you. I would prefer if we could meet today.
Felix: Well, I will meet Dirk now. We can discuss this later
*Dirk is the head of the department and the boss of me and my supervisor

The meeting was finally arranged in the afternoon. Even though I realized that the conversation we had this day was somehow strange, I couldn’t really figure out why until we had the feedback conversation at the end of my internship. There my supervisor criticized my behavior that day.
Conversation 2
Felix: When I reschedule a meeting, I do it because I need to. Dirk wanted to see me that day and had to cancel the meeting with you. You might even have realized that I told you more firmly that the meeting will not take place when you started questioning my decision.
Me: I was aware that the rescheduling of the meeting was not open to discussion when you came to me that day. However, the meeting was very important to me, therefore I asked you to give me an appointment in due...

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