Application Paper Nextgen Hsm 330

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NextGen Health Information Exchange
DeVry University
HSM 330
January 08, 2014
Professor Dr. Eric Oestmann

NextGen is a user-friendly health information exchange product that offers solutions to the interoperations of medical facilities. They offer a system that is customizable to a specific facility type or specialty, and have even been called, “…one of the leading providers of information technology (IT) solutions…” (Michelle Rovner 2012). I have used this system in a few different medical clinics that I have worked in and I can vouch that it is a good system.
The Current Uses of Technology In The Management of Healthcare Information.
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Every healthcare facility has one main objective and that is to provide the best, and safest, medical attention to their patients while maximizing their income abilities.
Core Capabilities and Limitations of NextGen For the Management of Health Information
A few of the great capabilities that NextGen has to offer is the “all-in-one billing and collections partner,” the mobile app for providers and administration, identifying gaps in patient care, simplified alert systems, and automated scheduling system to increase patient flow (Simplify your life.. 2015).
Limitations with NextGen are few however, one of the greatest setbacks that they are currently working on fixing is that it is not used everywhere. You see the more medical facilities that you can get on one information system the greater the provider collaboration. Another great limitation with NextGen is the time needed to properly train and implement the system. Every employee needs the proper training on what information needs to be added to the patient’s record, and where that information needs to be added.
Strategic Planning Concepts for the Ever Increasing Need for Healthcare Information
Healthcare information is not a new concept to the world of healthcare, however electronic healthcare information collection is. Because this is a newer technology, a strategic plan to keep the technology and its applications new and adaptable to the needs of each individual healthcare facility is necessary. The same goes for each medical facility, constant planning, and feedback to the NextGen customer service representatives is needed so that they can keep their product new and fresh.
The Basic Design and Development of NextGen
The basic design of NextGen is an interlocking relationship of various applications that are customized to assist the individual medical facility to maximize patient load and contact times, along with...

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