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Application Of Motivation And Emotion Principles In Weight Loss Programs To Lose Weight Effectively

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Application of motivation and emotion principles in weight loss programs to lose weight effectively.

Application of principles of motivation and emotion has significant influence on the effectiveness of weight loss in weight loss programs. I agree with this view and will justify it by introducing principles and backing them up with official academic research as evidence. Adverse emotions can facilitate weight gain and disruptions in dieting. I believe principles such as Drive Theory, Self-Determination, Self-Confrontation and Self-Efficacy can counter weight gain and promote weight loss in weight loss programs. The concept of exercise opposes this view as it states that it ...view middle of the document...

I will evaluate on how negative emotions lead to weight gain and how positive reinforcements lead to successful weight loss through deductions from experiments. With these experiments, it demonstrates how supporting principles can be applied to achieve successful weight loss programs.
Motivation is defined as a goal-directed behaviour such as needs, wants and interests that propel people towards that goal (Weiten, 2010), while emotion is defined as a subjective conscious experience companied by bodily arousal and by characteristic overt expressions (Izard, 2007). Hence, both motivation an emotion are closely linked because the subjective aspect of emotion can be due to an individual’s preference or perception of achievement. Motivation and emotion are often interlinked with each other as emotion can cause motivation and vice versa (Zurbriggen & Sturman, 2002). I will explain these interlinks with how negative emotions leads to lack of motivation; therefore influencing bad eating habits, and how positive motivations improves emotions in respect to weight loss issues.
Negative emotions influences eating behaviours. Johnson and Larson (1982) conducted interviews with eating disorder patients and control subjects and concluded that patients were generally sadder than control subjects. Also, binging and purging occurred after feeling heightened negative moods. Dieters also ate significantly more after failures than after success (Baucom & Aiken 1981).
Stress and anxiety are negative emotions that hinder weight loss. Stress results from being unable to lose weight despite dieting or by exhibiting disinhibited eating that disrupts diet. Anxiety is a major cause of binging and is correlated to abnormal eating (Rosen et al., 1987). According to the Kaplan and Kaplan (1957) Psychomatic Theory of obesity, it proposed that obese people overeat when anxious to reduce anxiety. Anxious dieters cannot differentiate hunger and anxiety and become accustomed to eat in both cases (Bruch, 1973). Stress and anxiety can be identified as an internal state of unease which means the individual is not emotionally stable. This is closely linked to Drive Theory as the concept to maintain homeostasis (Hull, 1935) can be applied to maintain emotional equilibrium. Drive Theory states that “a drive is an internal state of tension that motivates an organism to engage in activities that should reduce this tension.” (Weiten, 2010, p.397). Thus, a stressful and anxious individual would have the drive to be emotionally stable. The person suffering from stress and anxiety can go through psychotherapeutic interventions (Logue, 1998) such as self-help groups and behaviour therapy. These methods will strengthen a patient’s mental and emotional health to tackle weight loss. They will find meaning in losing weight and develop a firm drive towards their purpose. With strong will, they will be operating on push factors (Weiten, 2010) that will sustain the person’s...

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