Application Of Hr In The Global Environment

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Application of HR in the Global Environment
Analyze Personnel Needs to Support Globalization Efforts
Marie Getty Cornet
Northcentral University

In these days of age Globalization plays a major role in businesses. More and more companies are conducting businesses overseas because of many factors such as competition between companies, low cost, demand, faster services and they also represent the main factors that had contributed in the success of Globalization. It has a positive side when all rules and regulations are being observed and a negative side when there is exploitation, contraband, low labor, maltreatment, political and cultural differences etc. That said I have ...view middle of the document...

, & Bohlander, G., 2013, p. 9). A lot of companies such as Coca cola, Labatt’s Toyota, and Molson’s are major global companies. As a matter of fact “Coca Cola has an elaborate delivery system designed to transport its products to some of the remotest places on the planet. In fact, the company has long generated more of its revenue abroad than it does in the U.S.”(Snell, S., & Bohlander, G., 2013, p. 9). The different issues that can arise from that process include but not limited to general laws are different than the U.S. and sometimes inexistent, conflict because of the different culture, safety of employees and employment laws regarding kids, adult and people with disabilities can also be a challenge.
“As countries in the world decided to embrace market oriented development strategies and to open their doors to the world economy, the worlds have become one interdependent global market place. It is characterized by increasing worldwide competition and accelerating economic change with unpredictable outcomes. Under these circumstances, it is noted by Robert Reich (1991) that competiveness will be decided on a country’s or an enterprise’s capacity to add value to global economic products, services and processes and a key contributor in this regard is the knowledge and skills of the workforce. The education and skills of the workforce has become they key competitive weapon for the 21st century”.
“As the area of human resources management becomes more strategic and more global it is becoming more important and critical to the organization. As a consequence they are doing many things that make their management of human resources as affective as possible. In doing so, several things are being observed:
1. The roles that the HR department and its HR professionals have traditionally played are changing substantially.
2. The competencies required of the HR professionals to play these roles are also changing rapidly with dramatic implications for the current HR staff and leaders
3. The HR professionals are working more closely, in partnership, with managers, employees, suppliers and representatives of labor unions, strategic partners and members of community organizations in order to be more effective in managing the firm’s human resources;
4. The structure of the HR department and the HR function are being reshaped in order to better serve the various stakeholders of HR in order to make the management of people and the organization more effective” (Mani, R.S.S, 2007)
There also many factors that Globalization is driven by such as:
1. “Shortage of Talent in Developed Countries
2. Availability of low cost labor
3. Growing consumers in developing countries
4. Technological progress”(Kapoor, B.2011)
We also have many challenges that come with doing business abroad such as “
 Political chaos has to do with the rise in incidences of terrorism that have occurred in the past, especially involving American citizens, there has been a lot...

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