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Application Of Game Theory In Biman Bangladesh Airlines

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Application of
Game Theory
In Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Application of
Game Theory
In Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Submitted to,
Department of YYY
University of ZZZ

Submitted by,

Group “Oracles”
17th Batch
B section

Date of Submission:
19th March, 2012

Dated: 19th April, 201

Department of YYY
University of ZZZ

Subject: Solicitation for acceptance of the Report on “Application of Game theory in Biman Bangladesh Airlines”.

Dear Sir,
We are very much pleased to submit the report on “Application of Game theory in Biman Bangladesh Airlines” which provides us the opportunity of practicing our theoretical ...view middle of the document...

It can also be used to investigate matters such as monetary distributions and their effects on other outcomes.

Biman is the national flag carrier, which is fully owned and operated by the Government of Bangladesh. The corporate body of Biman, namely ‘Bangladesh Biman Corporation’, is doing business as Biman Bangladesh Airlines under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. Biman was established as of a corporation on 27 October 1972 with a vision to protect Biman Bangladesh Airlines ltd. in the aviation market as a world-class airline.

Biman has experienced man power that it is really a good strength though the management of Biman cannot work independently because of government intervention. At the same time considering the global standard of International Airlines, Biman is lagging behind. The staffs are not provided with modern technologies like Computer, internet facilities etc. The labor passengers have an extreme attraction for the national flag carrier for its home like hospitality. The returning residents also prefer national carrier for home essence. But the free entry of mega carriers like Saudia, Gulf, Etihad etc. is creating threat for International market. Even domestic private airlines are chasing with the similar pace of Biman.

Currently, Biman Bangladesh Airlines offers 16 Domestic and 102 International flights through its 13 local and 28 worldwide branch offices. A two-class service (J and Y) is operated on Biman's wide-body airliners and a single class service is available on the smaller aircraft. Biman also operates a cargo service using the cargo holds of its passenger aircraft to ship freight to international destinations. It has established Cargo Village at Shahjalal International Airport where the cargo is packaged and labeled before being loaded onto its aircraft. In addition to normal passenger the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca for the Hajj is undertaken by thousands of Bangladesh’s predominantly Muslim population. Air fare pricing is a complicated job. Being the member of IATA airlines has to follow the IATA pricing rules. IATA Tariff Coordinating Conference is the egulatory body of the Air Tariff worldwide both Passenger fare and cargo rate. Biman is far away from modern promotional activities. It has been coming up with all traditional promotional activities such as Tourism Travel Fair, Special Offers, Sponsorship, Media Conference etc. Distribution of product in airline marketing refers to all aspects of link between the airline and the passengers. Because of recent development particularly in the area of electronic technology there are several approaches to reach it’s product to the clients.

Bangladesh has an aviation market of about 3.5 million passengers in respect of passenger travel and about 10 million tons in respect of cargo .The market is expanding rapidly but due to the different cause Biman has lost its reputation and carrying less portion of the market. Biman Airlines is very much...

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