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Apple’s Marketing Strategy Essay

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Let’s Find Out the Apple’s Marketing Strategy
Posted: September 22, 2011 by black1396 in Marketing Strategies
Tags: Apple Marketing Strategies, Apple's Tips, Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, iPad, iPhone, iPod
Apple’s brand is very popular and nowadays many people are using Apple’s products like iPhone, iPod, and iPad. I just curios how Apple can attract customers, make them aware about the brand and products, make them proud to have Apple’s products and become successful. Let’s find out their marketing strategy.
The successful moment was happening on 2007, iPhone the Apple’s smartphone has sold out only one month which was launched on July. Probably all customers still remember when ...view middle of the document...

Please have a look the video below for more information about Apple’s strategy, especially for iPod.
On the other hand, Smart Fuel Marketing analysed that there are several marketing tips can be taken from Apple.
1. It’s important to be pretty. All of Apple’s products lines and marketing materials are looking pretty. It can be shown from their product design, product packaging and even their television ads.
2. People like big photos. Apple’s products especially iPhone has a big screen which can make their user can see the pictures and features clearly.
3. Keep your message simple. Simple messages are easier to understand, easier to remember and easier to share.
4. Let your fans do the selling. Their strategy on ads is to show other people using and talking about their products. It’s just more personal and more believable when your fans promote to you.
5. Let the media do the talking. Apple likes to slowly leak details about a new product then give a presentation to reporters and media, and finally they put out a simple press release. So, they do not have to spend a lot of time and money on advertising for the new product.
6. Create a unique customer experience. Every stage of customer interaction is carefully planned at Apple.
7. Get a charismatic CEO. Smart, excited, natural and friendly person.
8. Always one step ahead.
Furthermore, Kissmetrics mentioned that there are 7 key strategies that marketer must learn from Apple’s Marketing
1. Ignore your critics. Apple decides to flip the script and instead focus on building what they want to build, no matter the perceived cost. For instance, some people mentioned that the iPad would fail but these days iPad sales performance is exploding.
2. Turn the ordinary into something beautiful. Do not just focus on the operating systems but think about the design of the products. As a result. Apple has gorgeous iMac, beautiful Macbook Air and amazing iPhone 4.
3. Justify your price. Apple in a time when pricing strategies are all over the place.
4. Communicate in the language of your audience. Do not talk about technical things to customers like megabytes, gigahertz and so on because they do not care about it.
5. Extend the experience. Apple does this by making sure that the experience doesn’t end at the cash register. They take...

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