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Apple's Cultural Organization Essay

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Organizational Culture

Jesse Dunn

ODV 420

Apple Inc. is an international computer manufacturing company that is going through major changes in the organizational culture and its organizational structure because of several events in past few years. Apple is a firm that grew fast in a short period, requiring the management to develop organizational cultures to keep operations and finances under control. Apple Inc. Growth has forces the management to reassess and reform its organizational culture and organizational structure to maintain excellent services, high-quality products and avoid bankruptcy. Apple’s organizational structure is one of change ...view middle of the document...

The structure of Apple is non-existent and focused on placing the decision-making on its workers. However, Apple structure had implications on the company. Apparently, Apple empowered workers and was doing incredibly well and received the attention because it was responsive to change. Apple suffered problems in regional areas, particularly in accountability of spending and in fiscal decision-making. The top-down philosophy that assisted apple grows also opened doors for other serious financial losses. With employees at different levels in decision making, it was difficult for the corporate office to keep track of purchasing and spending.

Apple has behavior policies that are to be followed by employees in the company. Personality refers to relatively stable pattern of behavior and consistent internal states that explain personal behavior tendencies. Personality has internal and external element, where external traits are observable behavior where people rely on to identify the personality among workers. Workers at Apple Inc. Are encouraged to develop personal traits that assist them in the day to day life in addressing issues. Employees need to be honest and report any incidence of incompetence depending on the employees’ perception, value and personality. Organizational behavior at Apple is classified into four main element including power, role, task and person culture. Apple has established minimal rules and regulation that depends in the top management. The focus groups of apple Inc. have proved to be the best in the company’s operations. Apple adopted power culture due to the fact they emphasis on delivering quality products and service against everything else. Under role culture, apple Inc. Involves a level of secrecy because individual opinions and ideas are not accepted at all points thus causing flaws in communication. Role cultures from human resource perspective, proving to affect product development at various stages and proves to have a challenging and a pre demanding quality of significant importance. From task culture perspective, organizations are more concerned with objective and tasks without giving too much attention on the human resource rule and regulations. At Apple Inc. Communication tends to be both ways where employees are free to express their suggestions and ideas. The process of decision making is not dependent on the information from a single source, and employees take part in expressing opinions while the management gather ideas from co-workers. In accomplishing an economy of scale, Apple Inc. has adopted task culture for the purpose of accomplishing goals and tasks.

Apple Inc. is a multinational company that seek to hire the best talents and committed workforce. Most employees are used to work with a multinational workforce and allow employees to learn different culture and working styles. Employees encounter cross functional activities to perform the accomplishment of the company...

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