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Apple's Best Weapon Essay

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Iphone case study
John Georgousis GROUP 6

Iphone was and still is apple’s game changer in the Smartphone market it was even called the “Jesus phone” in regards to what it can do. Now to see Apple’s approach on introducing this innovative product that was bound to change the industry and the needs the consumers in that market forever we have to understand the process that Apple applied. First we start with the fact that iphone was so much anticipated from the crowd that it sold thousands before it was out in the market.
To start with the analysis now the first short term problem that apple faced is the choice of the provider. Having a hot product you need the best distributor in the market to make an impact in it. Also the ...view middle of the document...

* The EU markets that apple launched iphone is the same that they opened their itunes stores.
* The chosen provider in each country is the largest in the market.
* The major increase of sales in just one year
* The benefits that other companies such as the Taiwanese manufacturers got after iphone success.
* The tax policy of Apple
A strategic alternative that apple could have followed is that they should have chosen Vodafone as their main distributor because Vodafone is in all markets. Although no one can tell for sure what would have happened it’s a good assumption that this would turn even better for apple. Second alternative same pricing same product you can’t have the 2.S model in one market and the 3G in other. Also the have to change the manufacturing situation because its bad press for the company. Also the government has to take action about the tax loopholes that these companies can find also it is important to mention that in a country like U.S.A evading taxes makes a bad impression and apple probably will face that in the future.
So in conclusion by appointing Vodafone as the main distributor apple immediately gains presence in every telecommunication market in every country the target also Vodafone is a dependable company so its good for business, the cost in this venture cant be a problem for apple because due to the product they have the bargaining power to make the necessary deal. They have also protect the manufactor process and have complete control at all times and stay close to the procedure so to avoid discrepancies. Last but not least the company should have the offering with the same data connection network everywhere so not to be noise from the customers.

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